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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
68863 Kennedy Constable Duncan - 1832 30 May Newcastle GG 1832
Dismissed from position of constable for an assault

125430 Kennedy Constable Duncan - 1835 21 March Bathurst SG
George Newbolt appointed Constable to be station at Mandurama in the room of Duncan Kennedy, deceased

47071 Kennedy Constable Duncan Mary 1822 1831 13 September Newcastle SG
Appointed constable in place of Peter Reilly who resigned

108467 Kennedy Duncan - 1836 1 June Co. Durham Parish of Vane GG 1836
Land Grant. 60 acres commencing at SW corner of Edward Alcorn's land on Falbrook. Promised by Gov. Macquarie 31 March 1821 to Duncan Kennedy and re-advertised for John Cuneene

181404 Kennedy Duncan - 8 August 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Samuel Beckett and Duncan Kennedy both in government service charged with being out of quarters at unseasonable hours and on suspicion of attempting a robbery at the Farm Cottage occupied by Rev. Threlkeld....Mr. Threlkeld states. ....between one and two oclock yesterday morning the dogs at the farm gave an alarm, I got out of bed and went to the camp of the native blacks near the house. One of them told me some white men had been there and had struck him with a musket and told him to be gone. A man servant at the farm searched the adjacent grounds and saw some men concealed who made off on perceiving him. Joseph Davis snapt his pistol at one of them but it missed fire. Throsby the black fired but missed his object.. Joseph Davis states - About 1/2 past twelve yesterday morning I was abed and heard the dogs making a great noise. A native black called Throsby came and called m and said there were white men with muskets threatening to shoot him. I got my pistol and opened the window but did not then see any stranger; I went to the fire where the blacks were and then saw a man at distance running. I cannot speak to his person. I did not go to bed but remained with the blacks. The master retired to the house. About an hour after one of the blacks told me there was a stranger behind one of the huts. I went and asked who was there but did not get an answer but a man ran away. I shot my pistol at him, it miss fired. Thosby fired but without effect. We followed the man a short distance but lost sight of him. Kennedy, the man I shot at was only five or six yards from him. Two native blacks, Throsby and Purcell state that they saw at the farm yesterday morning four men, two of them had muskets, the person who had the muskets were named Leary or Lowe, bot free. Leary struck Throsby with the butt end of his musket. Beckett and Kennedy were with them. In this stage of the proceedings the Chief Constable stated that from certain private information he had received it was probably on further enquiry the intentions of the prisoners in going to the farm would be brought to light. Prisoners remanded to the following day

181413 Kennedy Duncan - 9 August 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Samuel Beckett and Duncan Kennedy on remand from previous day brought before the court....It appearing that the object of the prisoners in going to the Farm Cottage as stated in the proceedings previously was not for the purpose of plunder, but with a very reprehensible intention of communicating with the female servants of Rev. Threlkeld and the black native girls encamped in the vicinity of the Cottage, the more serious part of the charge is withdrawn and they are thereupon sentenced to be confined at night to the Prisoner Barracks

64747 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 1831 16 September Newcastle Australian
Appointed constable in the room of Peter Reilly

70088 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 1823 April - Jun - CSI
On establishment of expedition of allan Cunningham from Bathurst to Interior

125428 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 1832 Newcastle GDB
Born 1804. 5' 7 1/2", slender build, dark complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, Dismissed from situation as constable and 12 months in irons for violent assault

125429 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 1835 2 May Bathurst SG
William McCarthy sentenced to be executed for the wilful murder of Duncan Kennedy, a government constable, in the employ of Mr. Icely

129542 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 1823 20 September Newcastle district Archives Office of NSW. Colonial Secretary: Misc records (4/4570D)pp1-88
On list of assigned convicts who are not mechanics. Assigned to Edward Gostwyck Cory

129544 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 1823 23 July - CSI
Returned to Government service after accompanying Allan Cunningham as packhorse leader

129545 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 1824 January, March Newcastle State Records NSW. Colonial Secretary's Correpondence. Special Bundles, 1794-1825. Series 898
Assigned to Edward Cory. Sentenced to 50 lashes for neglect of work and inciting a fellow prisoner to theft

180874 Kennedy Duncan Mary 1822 15 April 1824 Wallis Plains NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Duncan Kennedy per Mary, assigned servant to Mr. Cory. Charged with constant neglect of his work. Sentenced to 14 days hard labour in the town gang