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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
108082 Johnstone Captain Edward - 1836 27 January Paterson GG 1836
Of the 50th regiment (Queen's Own). Appointed Magistrate

7043 Johnstone Edward - 1843 25 March Maitland MM
Committee member for promoting Richard Windeyer as candidate for Durham

14606 Johnstone Edward - 1845 22 February Morpeth MM
Unclaimed letter at Sydney Post Office

18658 Johnstone Edward - 1845 4 October Paterson MM
To petition Parliament to allow grain to be imported to Britain under the same terms as Canada

30279 Johnstone Edward - 1839 Paterson Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
Appointed Police Magistrate 1836

36971 Johnstone Edward - 1847 8 December Paterson MM
Warden. Calling for tenders for building a bridge over Tocal Creek between Paterson and Maitland. Width span of 70ft. Height of the banks 20ft

40801 Johnstone Edward - 1848 26 April Maitland MM
Gave subscription for building a free Presbyterian Church

44893 Johnstone Edward - 1848 2 September Paterson MM
Warden. Calling fortenders for a bridge of Tocal Creek

45323 Johnstone Edward - 1837 Paterson GRC
John Church per 'Lady Kennaway' assigned servant

74481 Johnstone Edward - 1843 6 September Paterson CO
Warden of district council

124869 Johnstone Edward - 1842 11 January - SH
Death at Glasgow, Elizabeth Johnstone, mother of Edward Johnstone, J.P. of Paterson

126511 Johnstone Edward - 1840 17 June Paterson GG
Thomas King per 'Lord Lyndoch' absconded from service

127316 Johnstone Edward - 1840 11 November Scone GG
Granted Licence to cut timber including Cedar for the year commencing 1st July 1840

184995 Johnstone Edward John 1832 9 May 1839 Muswellbrook Criminal Court Records. Muswellbrook Court of Petty Sessions, Letter Books, 1838-1851. Ancestry
Correspondence from Edward Denny Day submitting request for Tickets of Leave for Thomas Davidson, Samuel Andrews, John Mann, William Jackson, Edward Spicer, James McKenny and Edward Johnstone

11605 Johnstone Maj. Edward - 1844 11 May Paterson MM
Warden and Chairman of District Council

11039 Johnstone Major Edward - 1844 23 March Paterson MM
Ordered to pay 150 damaged to W. Arnold after Court case.

50698 Johnstone Major Edward - 1849 17 January Paterson MM
Appointed to Presbyterian School Board

50792 Johnstone Major Edward - 1847 6 October Paterson MM
Presented with a service of plate by a number of respectable residents as a testimony of respect and esteem

72464 Johnstone Major Edward - 1850 2 February Annandale Cottage, Paterson MM
Late Brevet-Major of HM 50th Regiment of Foot. Died aged 60 after a long and protracted illness

87497 Johnstone Major Edward - 1852 10 January St. Phillips Church Sydney MM
Marriage of Richard Lewis Jenkins to Mary Rae, eldest daughter of the late Major Edward Johnstone of the 50th Regiment on 7th January

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