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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
99802 Ingall Joseph Thomas - 1853 7 May late of Hinton MM
Death of Joseph Thomas Ingall on 28th April at his sisters residence, Morpeth. 'Exemplary patience under severe and protracted suffering stamped him a true Christian.' Left wife and child

14204 Ingall Thomas - 1845 4 January Morpeth MM
Overseer for Mrs. Close

32773 Ingall Thomas - 1847 14 July Morpeth MM
Store keeper. Patrick Burke accused of stealing Ingall's boots

74895 Ingall Thomas - 1850 22 May - MM
Witness in court when three boys Thomas and John Carney and Thomas Rutter were charged with malicious injury

82743 Ingall Thomas - 1851 2 April Morpeth MM
Superintendent employed by E.C. Close. Present at agreement between William Stanton and Michael Martin

83762 Ingall Thomas - 1851 4 June Maitland MM
Charged with threatening language by Ann Quinn after a dispute about his goat. Case dismissed by the bench

85768 Ingall Thomas - 1851 13 September Hinton MM
Son Henry drowned after falling down a well

90187 Ingall Thomas - 1852 2 June Collected at Morpeth MM
Subscribed to Testimonial for E.C. Close

96621 Ingall Thomas - 1852 11 December Hinton MM
Butcher. Advertising to employ two men

98067 Ingall Thomas - 1853 2 March Hinton MM
Selling draught horse, and other stock and leased butcher shop because of ill health

99718 Ingall Thomas - 1853 30 April Morpeth MM
Funeral notice. Undertaker W.T. Mitchell

119179 Ingall Thomas - 1867 20 July Morpeth Burial Ground Maitland Burial Records
Died aged 71

155366 Ingall Thomas and Sarah Anne Royal Saxon 1848 1848 19 July - State Records of NSW. Online microfilm of shipping lists.
Thomas aged 29, butcher from Lincolnshire and Sarah Anne aged 24 his wife, from Nottinghamshire, passengers on the Royal Saxon

151011 Ingall Thomas Andrew - 1854 28 August Morpeth Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Birth of Thomas Andrew, son of Richard and Mary Ingall