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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
10458 Hyde Thomas - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
Iron Bark Hill, Newcastle 85

52415 Hyde Thomas - 1836 19 February Newcastle BB
Came to Newcastle with a load of potatoes and gave pass to servant Patrick Ryan to buy alcohol

53975 Hyde Thomas - 1836 26 December Newcastle BB
Patrick Ryan per 'Parmelia' complained to Magistrates of Hyde's mistreatment. Case dismissed

54079 Hyde Thomas - 1837 28 February Newcastle BB
Assigned servant Patrick Ryan to be removed from Hyde as Hyde had assaulted him

57382 Hyde Thomas - 1828 Wallis Plains 1828 Census
Shoemaker aged 30. Free by servitude. Employed by Thomas Westley

91641 Hyde Thomas - 1838 23 September Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p31
Farmer. Baptism of daughter Hannah

106664 Hyde Thomas - 1853 Newcastle A voyage to Australia and New Zealand including a visit to Adelaide
Of Mosquito Island. Presented to passengers on the 'William Hyde' vessel with a basket of green peas from his garden

115427 Hyde Thomas - 1837 Maitland GRC
Hannah Hyde per 'Lucy Davidson' assigned servant

133243 Hyde Thomas - 1838 3 August Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Joanna McLane charged with assaulting Catherine Walsh near George Napier's house at Newcastle beach. Fight between the two women witnessed by Thomas Bridges, James Morley and Thomas Hyde. Case dismissed

174141 Hyde Thomas - 2 November 1910 Newcastle district NMH
The official estimate of the land under crops in the Newcastle district and the quantity of produce to be taken therefrom was made by the police in November 1838 at the request of the Colonial Secretary. Thomas Hyde - Two acres wheat, 4 1/2 acres maize, three acres potatoes. Yield 50 bushels wheat, 225 bushels maize, 12 tons potatoes.

174375 Hyde Thomas - 1855 Freehold. Address Mosquito Island NMH
On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 18 October 1911

62296 Hyde Thomas Batavia 1818 1819 14 October Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per Lady Nelson

102045 Hyde Thomas Batavia 1818 1833 Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
Marriage of Thomas Hyde and Ann Jones (alias Ann Goss)

164467 Hyde Thomas Batavia 1818 24 May 1833 Newcastle Application to Marry
Mary Jones (alias Ann Goss) aged 31, application to marry Thomas Hyde aged 35 arrived per 'Batavia'

176611 Hyde Thomas Batavia 1818 1824 Newcastle district Newcastle (Hunter River) Population Book, 1824 - Ancestry
Born c. 1798. Free by servitude. Employed as sawyer

131434 Hyde Thomas & wife - 1871 Mosquito Island 1871 Parish of St. John's Newcastle Census p.2
Aged couple

140165 Hyde Thomas and Ann - 1838 28 December Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Thomas Hyde charged with assaulting his wife Ann. Charge withdrawn by his wife

108825 Hyde Thomas and Hannah - 1834 21 September Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p.22
Farmer. Baptism of son Thomas

108938 Hyde Thomas and Hannah - 1836 12 April Abode: Horse Shoe Reach Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p.26
Farmer. Baptism of daughter Mary Ann

106643 Hyde Thomas and Polly - 1853 Mosquito Island Newcastle A voyage to Australia and NZ., J.A. Askew
Thomas a former soldier who sold his produce in Newcastle. Polly (*possibly Molly) 'mostly finished her day at the corner of some street, a public spectacle of helpless depravity'