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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
161921 Horner Richard - 4 March 1816 Sydney Australian Deaths and Burials. Family Search Historical Records
Born 1773. Died 4 March 1816. Buried 6 March 1816 aged 43

17185 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 21 July 1810 Newcastle CSI (Reel 6066; 4/1804 pp.24, 26, 27)
Asking for a successor to be appointed as his salary was inadequate to his needs

17186 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 16 March 1811 Newcastle SG
Resigned from position of surgeon at Newcastle. Replaced by Dr. William Evans

62026 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 25 April 1803 - -
Apothecary and Surgeon. Tried at Surry Quarter Sessions 25 April 1803 and sentenced to seven years transportation for false pretences. De Facto relationship with Mary Higgins (per Rolla) and had four children - James, Margaret, Sarah and Mary.Died in 1816

77388 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 4 April 1810 Newcastle CSL 6003 4/3490A. P 57.
Employed as acting assistant surgeon at Newcastle at 3/- per day

108495 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 28 January 1811 Newcastle CSI
Mary Terrill (Tyrrell) (per Rolla), prisoner, servant of Mr. Horner

127551 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 8 June 1811 - SG
On list of persons having received permission for the Governor to receive Stock from Government herds

161918 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 28 January 1811 Newcastle CSI (Reel 6066; 4/1804 pp.58, 60-1)
His woman to be sent to Sydney on the Lady Nelson

161922 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 8 August 1810 Newcastle CSI (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.79)
Appointed Assistant Surgeon at Newcastle

161923 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 3 October 1810 Newcastle CSI (Reel 6003; 4/3490A p.91)
Sent to Sydney on a frivolous pretext; permitted to select female convict as an assistant

161924 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 March 1811 Newcastle CSI6003 4/3490A p169 - 170
In March convict surgeon Mr. Horner applied officially to Principal surgeon Wentworth to resign his position as assistant surgeon and to quit the settlement. Horner and his family were to be given passage to Sydney on the Estramina . He had permission to bring furniture or timber that he possessed by purchase or fair means. Horner was to be replaced as assistant surgeon at Newcastle by William Evans

161925 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 16 March 1811 Newcastle SG
GOVERNMENT HOUSE, Sydney 16 March 1811 – His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. William Evans, Colonial Assistant Surgeon at the Settlement of Newcastle in the room of Mr. Horner, resigned; with a salary of 5/- per day from this date. Mr. Evans will accordingly hold himself in readiness to proceed to his duty in Newcastle by the earliest opportunity that may offer.

161926 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 1810 Newcastle -
At the penal settlement at Newcastle Lieutenant Purcell was in conflict with Richard Horner who was employed as acting assistant surgeon at 3/- per diem. Medicines and surgical instruments were to be sent to Mr. Horner by principal Surgeon Mr. Wentworth in late April and later one of the better behaved women of the settlement was to be chosen to assist at the hospital. However Horner was dissatisfied and in July he wrote to Purcell requesting his successor be appointed, giving as his reason that 3/- per day was insufficient to support his family of four but also complaining that he was inconvenienced by his government man being taken for the King’s works. Horner was later to cause even more difficulties for Purcell.

168701 Horner Richard Coromandel 1804 - Woolwich Uk Prison Hulk Registers (Ancestry)
Age 30. Tried at Surry on 25 April 1803 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for obtaining goods by false pretences. Admitted to the Retribution hulk from Surry on 29th April 1803 and transferred to the convict ship Coromandel for transportation to NSW on 6th October1803