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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
21254 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 1846 8 April Newcastle MM
Chief Constable apprehended Jacob Adams

51256 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 1849 14 February Newcastle MM
Witness in trial of George Ward. Apprehended Ward in Newcastle

56241 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 1850 Newcastle Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary (Blue Books)
Chief Constable

82425 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 1851 8 March 1851 8 March MM
Witness at the trial of William Henry Whyte

123707 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 1855 17 August Newcastle SMH
Death of David Holt of Macclesfield, Chesire, England, eldest brother of Samuel Holt of Newcastle on 24th March

145046 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 1861 17 September Newcastle MM
Witness in the case of John Smith who was found not guilty of feloniously, unlawfully and maliciously setting fire to a house in his possession with intent to defraud the Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Company

173849 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 19 April 1902 Christ Church Burial Ground, Newcastle NMH
Prior to 1862 the police system of the colony was very different to what it is today (1902) both in administration and otherwise. Originally the police administration of each district was vested in the bench of magistrates, the military commandant being a prominent figure in the administration and the appointment of constables was generally made from among local residents. The supervising head was the chief constable a position in some respects analogous to that of sub inspector under the present system, and when the new law came into force in 1862 the existing chief constables were in each case offered the choice of becoming senior sergeants. The last man to hold the position of chief constable at Newcastle was Samuel Holt, who is still well remembered, and to whose memory a fine monument was erected in 1876. The memorial stands in the north eastern portion of the churchyard, and bears the following inscription - Sacred to the memory of Samuel Holt, Late Captain No. 3 Battery, Volunteer Artillery, Died Nov. 5 1875. Erected 1876 by the officers, non commissioned officers and men, as a mark of esteem.

173850 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 19 April 1902 Newcastle NMH
The late Mr. Holt was originally a sergeant in the 80th regiment and came out with prisoners to Brisbane in 1843. The passage was stormy in more respects than one, for in addition to bad weather, the prisoners almost succeeded in gaining possession of the vessel. Seizing a favourable opportunity the convicts made a rush and killed several of the sentries, whose bodies were thrown overboard. Fortunatley the mutiny was quelled in time, but double sentries and increased vigilance were essential for the remainder of the passage. After doing duty for some time in Brisbane, Sergeant Holt came to Sydney and was quartered in the old barracks in George Street. There he married , his son Mr. S.L. Holt being born in the barracks. Later on he decided to leave the army and purchased his discharge for 90 pounds and in 1845 came to Newcastle to take the position of chief constable in this town. From that date until his retirement in 1861 he held the position continuously and had more than one exciting adventure in free and easy periods which marked the first stages of development in the maritime life of the port. The officers of the law were few, and when the first Californian fleets came down from the Pacifici coast in the early fifties many a battle royal was fought between the frolicsome American sailors and the policemen. The town was not then incorporated nor were there any street lights and as Mr. HOlt had but two men under him to look after the welfare and safety of the town, it was easy to dodge the policeman......Samuel Holt died in 1875 and was given a military funeral, the attendance of soldiers and civilians being very great. Captain Holt had three sons, the eldest being Mr. S.L. Holt of Newcastle. Lieutenant H.W.L. Holt, stationmaster at Waratah and Mr. A.J. L. Holt.

173851 Holt Chief Constable Samuel - 19 April 1902 Newcastle NMH
When No. 3 Battery Volunteer Artillery was formed in 1855 Mr. Holt was appointed first lieutenant, the command devolving upon Captain McPherson, a son of the last Military Commandant (Major McPherson) who died of wounds received in the maori war. The sergeants were Dr. Knaggs, Messrs S.L. Holt, F. Ash and J. Burrowes.

32795 Holt Constable Samuel - 1847 14 July Newcastle MM
Arrested John Harrop

99026 Holt Constable Samuel - 1853 13 April - MM
Witness at the trial of Constable James Cusack

13599 Holt Samuel - 1844 30 November Newcastle MM
Appointed chief Constable in place of Mr. Hannell

14153 Holt Samuel - 1844 28 December Newcastle MM
Appointed Inspector of distilleries and slaughter houses

18394 Holt Samuel - 1845 13 September Newcastle MM
Chief Constable. Witness in Court case of Fitzpatrick and Fitzgerald

19007 Holt Samuel - 1845 8 November Newcastle MM
Expressing regret that Peter Grant's seat in Legislative Council declared vacant

22603 Holt Samuel - 1846 8 July Newcastle MM
Chief Constable

29151 Holt Samuel - 1847 17 April Newcastle MM
Appointed warden at Christ Church

33032 Holt Samuel - 1847 17 July Newcastle MM
Appointed bailiff in Court of Petty Sessions in place of Thomas Harrison

56527 Holt Samuel - 1849 11 July Newcastle MM
Witness in trial of Hugh McGuire

81097 Holt Samuel - 1851 8 January Newcastle MM
Witness at the trial of William Adams

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