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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
4667 Hindson Captain - 1842 26 March East Maitland HRG
Subscribed to immigrants home

7326 Hindson Captain - 1843 8 April Maitland MM
Supporter for the election of Major Wentworth to the Legislative Council

38610 Hindson Captain - 1842 25 June East Maitland HRG
Cottage lately in occupation of Captain Hindson containing four rooms, detached kitchen, coach house and stable to be let

38627 Hindson Captain - 1842 4 June Maitland HRG
George Wheelan found not guilty of stealing a watch from Hindson

45002 Hindson Captain - 1848 9 September East Maitland MM
Auctioning cottage and land

53306 Hindson Captain - 1840 19 November Maitland CSIL 40/115665 A.O. Reel 2219
Attended public meeting at Union Hotel toexpress regret at the long and frequent absences of Stipendary Magistrate

177495 Hindson George Elizabeth 1820 14 May 1823 - CSI
On list of prisoners transported to Port Macquarie on the Sally

177496 Hindson George Elizabeth 1820 30 April 1836 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 136
Clerk from Lincoln. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Newcastle on a felony charge. Forwarded to Maitland for trial and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Forwarded to Sydney on 16 May 1836

177497 Hindson George Elizabeth 1820 3 May 1834 - SG
Granted Certificate of Freedom

79243 Hindson Henry and William - 1850 5 October Opposite Ballard's Inn and adjoining Mr. Lawn's Property, Morpeth MM
Two extensive stone houses belonging to Henry and William Hindson advertised for sale

42622 Hindson Henry Eldred - 1838 27 February Mellerby SG
Son of Captain and Mrs. Hindson died at Mellerby on 21st February aged 4mths

159012 Hindson Henry Eldred - 1837 26 November Maitland Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Baptism of Henry Eldred Hindson, son of William and Eliza Hindson (born 21 October 1837)

159027 Hindson John - 1839 9 December West Maitland Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Birth of John, son of William and Eliza Hindson

162456 Hindson Matthew - 4 April 1828 Wollombi The Australian
2000 acres of grazing land adjoining the grant of Matthew Hindson, belonging to David Maziere to be sold

147821 Hindson Matthew Allies 1823 1824 Sydney CSI

159016 Hindson Mr. and Mrs. William - 1852 10 January Port Jackson SMH
Mr. and Mrs. William Hindson and three children passengers on the 'Kate' for London. Francis H. Cape also passenger on the 'Kate'

4756 Hindson W. - 1842 30 April Maitland HRG
Jockey Club Committee

26818 Hindson William - 1847 13 February Maitland MM
Purchased town allotment 29.12.1846. Lot 85

43508 Hindson William - 1848 19 July Morpeth MM
County Northumberland elector supporting Henry Dangar for the Legislatvie Council

60659 Hindson William - 1839 26 March Melmerby, Hunter River SG
Letter to MM complaining that a 'Scotch' Minister had enticed his 17yr old servant girl away to his establishment for young gentlemen

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