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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
4371 Hetherington Rev - 5 March 1842 Singleton Hunter River Gazette

67121 Hetherington Rev - 1838 4 July Patrick Plains GG
Assigned 1 convict house servant

28877 Hetherington Rev Irving - 1847 10 April Singleton MM
To be presented with a purse of sovereigns by members of his Church

95567 Hetherington Rev. - 1845 23 August - MM
Marriage of Charles H. Dight of Port Phillip to Emma Maria, only daughter of John Smith of Birnam Wood, Hunter River on 19th August 1845. Minister Rev. Irving Hetherington

171601 Hetherington Rev. - 26 September 1839 Patrick Plains State Records Online Shipping List
Thomas Patterson, emigrant per Hero, employed by Rev. Hetherinton on arrival..

18562 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1845 27 September St. Heliers MM
Marriage of Rev. Robert Blain of Hinton and Miss Sarah Jane, third daughter of the late George Keys, Esq., of Killynoongan, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland on 24th September. Minister Rev. Irving Hetherington

21853 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1846 9 May Patrick Plains MM
Making donation to Mechanic's Institute

28733 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1847 31 March - MM
Moving to Melbourne

59194 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1849 17 October Port Phillip MM
Presented with a gold watch by the ladies of his congregation

60724 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1839 18 May Plashett, Jerry's Plains SG
Marriage of B.C. Rodd of Sydney and Sarah Janet, third daughter of James Robertson, Esq. of Plashett, Jerry's Plains on 8th May. Minister Rev. Hetherington

66159 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1839 1 May Hunter River SH
Marriage of William Tucker Evans Esq., and Janet, daughter of William Pagan Esq., of Curriestanes, Dumfrieshire. Minister Rev. Rev. Irving Hetherington

74068 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1841 14 October Patrick Plains CO
Present at meeting to form Temperance Society at Patrick Plains

74291 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1842 30 November Singleton CO
Committee member of Singleton Benevolent Society

93049 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1852 25 August Melbourne MM
Marriage of Robert Mills (compositor) to Anne Maria, sixth daughter of William Mills of Maitland. Minister Rev. Hetherington on 9th August

130032 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1839 20 May Sydney SH
Minister at the marriage of John Robertson of North Shore and Margaret Emma, second daughter of J.J. Davies of Brickfield Hill, Sydney

130033 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1926 21 October Singleton SMH
First minister of St. Andrew's Church in 1837

130034 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1841 23 June Rosemount SH
Marriage of John McKid Esq., of Liverpool Plains and Miss McCarthy by Special License on Wednesday 16th June. Minister Rev. Irving Hetherington

130035 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1842 5 April Mount Keira, Illawarra SH
Marriage of Elizabeth Wortley, third daughter of Charles Macalister Shannon, and Alexander Skinner, surgeon of Patrick Plains. Minister Rev. Irving Hetherington

134757 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1845 29 September St. Heliers SMH
Marriage of Rev. Robert Blain of Hinton and Miss Sarah Jane, third daughter of the late George Keys, Esq., of Killynoogan, Co. of Fermanagh, Ireland on 24th September. Minister Rev. Irving Hetherington

135061 Hetherington Rev. Irving - 1857 5 February Yarra Vale Melbourne MM
Marriage of Charles Fenwick Elphinstone, fourth son of John Brown, Esq., of Colstoun, Upper Paterson and Ellen, second daughter of Edward Knull, Esq., Melbourne on 22 January. Minister Rev. Irving Hetherington

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