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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
29856 Hayes Thomas Ocean 1823 1834 11 November Maitland SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

46488 Hayes Thomas Ocean 1823 1823 9 September Newcastle CSI
Permitted to travel to Newcastle per 'Mermaid'

46489 Hayes Thomas Ocean 1823 1824 11 September County Durham and Northumberland CSI
On monthly return of convicts assigned in the counties of Northumberland and Durham. From James Mudie to Peter Sinclair

106154 Hayes Thomas Ocean 1823 1839 April Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Marriages p2
Marriage of Thomas Hayes aged 38 and Mary Ann White aged 19. Witness at marriage James Dewell of Newcastle

170760 Hayes Thomas Ocean 1823 1825 Newcastle district New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters. Class: HO 10; Piece: 19
Assigned to George Yeoman in the district of Newcastle

181070 Hayes Thomas Ocean 1823 20 December 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
267. Thomas Hayes per Ocean, in service of government charged with abusive language to an overseer. Sentenced to the gaol gang until further orders

181126 Hayes Thomas Ocean 1823 18 March 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Hymy Franks, Edward Fleming and Thomas Hayes charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The Chief Constable states....the prisoners were given in charge to me Isaac Elliott. They appeared to be intoxicated. Fleming is a very troublesome character.....Isaac Elliott states....Yesterday I saw Franks throw a large stone at my dog in the yard. It missed the dog but struck my wife on the knee and cut her severely. I seized Franks and in the scuffle, I may have torn his clothes. Hayes interfered and attempted to rescue Franks. Fleming rushed into my house during the disturbance and carried off the stone. The prisoners admit the correctness of Mr. Elliotts statement. Hymy Franks sentenced to 14 days in the gaol gang. Edward Fleming sentenced to 14 days in the gaol gang. Thomas Hayes sentenced to 7 days in the gaol gang.