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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
77119 Harris Dr. John - 1801 9 June Hunter River HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed. by F. M. Bladen. pp 390 - 1
To accompany the 'Lady Nelson' under Lieutenant James Grant to Hunter River

77122 Harris Dr. John - 1801 14 June Nobbys HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. F. M. Bladen. p. 448
With Lieutenant James Grant climbed Coal Island (Nobbys) and hoisted the Union on top of the hill

77301 Harris Dr. John - 1808 5 April - HR NSW, Vol. VI, King and Bligh 1806, 1807, 1808. . p. 574
Services as Magistrate no longer required

77325 Harris Dr. John - 1809 22 January Sydney SG
Appointed Magistrate of Police in Sydney

149693 Harris Dr. John - 1884 15 January Newcastle MM
Attempted to revive Peter O'Dowd who was pulled from the water near Merewether unconscious

169323 Harris Dr. John - 9 July 1813 Covent Garden, England HRA, Series 1, Vol. VIIi, p. 56
John Harris' Memorial to Earl Bathurst requesting a land grant.....After a service of 22 years as assistant surgeon and surgeon of the 102nd foot, retiring from HM service on a Military Allowance. During previous residence had filled the situations of Naval Officer and Harbour Master of Port Jackson, had been Magistrate of Police for over ten years prior to his return to England. That in consequence of his advanced period of life, after a service of 32 years having been ten years in the Royal navy in India previous to being in 102nd foot and a residence during the whole of that period in a tropical climate, his health was endangered. Requesting as a free settler the indulgence of a land grant

176912 Harris Dr. John - June 1804 Sydney Colonial Secretarys Papers
At Lieut. Col. Patersons request, John Harris Esq, is sworn as a Magistrate to have charge of the Police at Sydney

166462 Harris Dr. John Surprize 1790; .....General Hewitt 1814 1801 Hunter River The Narrative of a Voyage of discovery performed in His Majesty's Vessel Lady Nelson - The Monthly review
The Lady Nelson was now ordered to receive on board Lieutenant Governor Colonel Paterson and convey him to Hunter's River, which, from the abundance of coals found on its banks, has obtained the name of Coal River. The object of this voyage was to make a survey of the river, to gain a knowledge of its natural productions, and whatever else might appear worthy of observation. Having all things in readiness, we set sail on the 10th of June, with the Francis schooner, which latter vessel was to be loaded with coals. With Colonel Paterson, we received on board Dr. Harris, Surgeon of the New South Wales Corps, Ensign Barreillier (the Surveyor), and a number of workmen and labourers, for the purpose of cutting and sawing timber, digging and loading coals, and other necessary works.; With us likewise went one of the natives, named Bangaree.' On the next day, the weather was variable; and having a person on board as a pilot who had lately sailed from Sydney to the river for coals, I thought I could rely on his knowledge of the place, but herein I proved to be mistaken. He was nearly entering a wrong place, being deceived by the appearance of an island, and Hunter's, or Coal River, having one at its entrance. As we were in 17 fathoms water, and the weather was fair, I got my boat out, and Dr. Harris went on shore to reconnoitre the place. In the meantime I brought up with the kedge, and set my people to fishing, who caught a number of snappers and other fish. On Dr. Harris's return, he brought with him a native who, on seeing the boat, had run down to it, crying out several times, Whale Boat! and Budgerie Dick ! or Good Dick,a name we supposed had been given him by the people sent in search of those who ran away with the Norfolk, as before mentioned. This man had some fish with him, which he threw into the boat first, and then jumped into it himself, without the least hesitation. The report which Dr. Harris made on board was, that not the least appearance of any river was to be discerned; but the sea broke very heavily in an inlet behind the island.

166463 Harris Dr. John Surprize 1790; .....General Hewitt 1814 4 May 1838 Shane's Park The Australian
At Shane's Park, on Friday last, 27th April, John Harris, Esq., aged 76, the oldest Magistrate in the Colony

166464 Harris Dr. John Surprize 1790; .....General Hewitt 1814 22 May 1838 Shane's Park Colonial Times (Hobart)
The venerable Dr. Harris departed this life on Friday last, at his residence at Shanes Park near Windsor in the 76th year of his age. Dr. Harris had formerly been surgeon of the 102nd regiment of infantry, known by the name of the New South Wales Corps and was the oldest magistrate in the Colony. HIs has left an estate both moveable and heritable, of the estimated value of 150,000 pounds

166465 Harris Dr. John Surprize 1790; .....General Hewitt 1814 5 June 1818 - The Annual Reigster. Discoveries in NSW
The sanguine hope which his Excellency the governor was induced to entertain, that by pursuing the course of the Macquarie river, which had been discovered running in a north-west direction, by John Oxley, esq. on his return last year from tracing the course of the Lachlan to the south-west, would have amply compensated for the disappointment sustained on the occasion ; and his Excellency having in consequence accepted the further services of Mr. Oxley, on a second expedition, the party, consisting of John Oxley, esq. surveyor-general ; John Harris, esq. late surgeon of the 102nd regiment (who most liberally volunteered to accompany the expedition ) ; Mr. Evans, deputy surveyor-general ; and Mr. Charles Frazier, colonial botanist; together with twelve men, having eighteen horses and two boats,, and provisions for twenty-four weeks, took their final departure, on the 4th of June last, from a depot prepared for the occasion in the Wellington Valley, at about ninety miles west of Bathurst.