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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
123132 Hannell Chief Constable Jesse - 1843 3 October Newcastle GG
Appointed Inspector of Distilleries

106646 Hannell James, Jesse, John - 1853 Newcastle A voyage to Australia and NZ., J.A. Askew
Three brothers, all exceeding six feet in height and proportionaly stout

10449 Hannell Jesse - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
Hunter Street, Newcastle 31

12828 Hannell Jesse - 1844 14 September Newcastle MM
Chief Constable. Infant son Albert died 7.9.44

13073 Hannell Jesse - 1840 Newcastle -
Married Emmeline Priest

13083 Hannell Jesse - 1818 - -
Born to James Walton and Elizabeth Hannell. First lighthouse keeper at Nobbys

13600 Hannell Jesse - 1844 30 November Newcastle MM
Appointed Chief Constable at Cassilis

18549 Hannell Jesse - 1845 20 September Newcastle MM
Appointed poundkeeper in place of William Page

19004 Hannell Jesse - 1845 8 November Newcastle MM
Expressing regret that Peter Grant's seat in Legislative Council declared vacant

20098 Hannell Jesse - 1846 24 January Newcastle MM
Signed letter written to farewell Major Last who was leaving for New Zealand to fight in the Maori wars

24239 Hannell Jesse - 1846 26 September - MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

53839 Hannell Jesse - 1849 2 May Newcastle MM
Presented Mrs. Crummer with a portrait of her husband as a gesture of thanks for his work as a Magistrate

54783 Hannell Jesse - 1843 15 July Newcastle MM
William Hill found not guilty of stealing a gun from Hannell

55250 Hannell Jesse - 1837 4 July Newcastle BB
Witness in court when Simon Kemp was charged with serving a prisoner with liquor

82416 Hannell Jesse - 1851 8 March Newcastle MM
Appointed bailiff of the court of Petty Sessions

84832 Hannell Jesse - 1851 9 August Newcastle MM
Present at meeting at the Shipp Inn to form committee to secure to election of Edward Flood in the Legislative Council

84857 Hannell Jesse - 1851 9 August Newcastle MM
Requesting that Edward Flood nominate for representation in the Legislative council

92028 Hannell Jesse - 1863 Newcastle Australian Almanac
Superintendant of the Light house

94978 Hannell Jesse - 1852 2 October Newcastle MM
Signed address to Edward Flood, representative of the NE Boroughs in the Legislative Council, showing support as he had sustained serious losses in the recent disastrous floods on the Murrumbidgee

106243 Hannell Jesse - 1840 September Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Marriages p8
Marriage of Jesse Hannell of Raymond Terrace aged 21 and Emmeline Priest aged 19. Witness at marriage James Hannell of Newcastle and Mary Ann Turner of Maitland

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