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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
88909 Hannell Clarence - 1852 10 March Newcastle MM
Witness in trial Darby v. Reid

161753 Hannell Clarence - 17 October 1876 Newcastle SMH
NEWCASTLE. Monday. A fearful storm of thunder and lightning occurred this evening, between 5 and 6 o'clock. The residence of Mr. Clarence Hannell, shipping master, was struck, .which parted the gable ornaments, which were carried away; his son, about 15 years of age, was struck by the electric fluid, which paralysed his arm' for some time. The storm lasted half-an hour, causing some alarm.

161756 Hannell Clarence - 18 May 1909 Newcastle Clarence and Richmond Examiner
The value of the late Mr Clarence Hannell's estate has been sworn at 26,778. Deceased was one of the oldest natives of Newcastle, and was for many years Shipping Master.

110548 Hannell Clarence and Sarah Evelyn - - McCormack Street, Newcastle 1820 to 1890 Family Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. See records 101-104

123854 Hannell Clarence H - 1859 13 July Newcastle Cathedral SMH
Marriage of C.H. Hannell and Phoebe Maria, youngest daughter of the late Robert Tighe on 2nd June. Officiating minister Rev. E.K. Yeatman

146255 Hannell Clarence H - 1874 20 June Land known as Hannell's Garden on the Hamilton and Maitland Road MM
24 allotments sold for 997 pounds

173771 Hannell Clarence H - 4 March 1902 Cottage Creek Cemetery, Newcastle west NMH
Only three non conformist denominations were then represented and in the Presbyterian, Catholic and Wesleyan Churches were dedicated the land at Hunter Street west, upon which may now be found the fast decaying memorials of pas generations of Novocastrians. Looking at the neglected cemeteries today, the present generation will entirely fail to realise the scene which presented itself to those who chose the site for a burying ground. From the earliest years, the place was known as the Cottage Bridge, from the fact that on the banks of the creek there formerly stood a cottage occupied by an officer who controlled the prisoners engaged in making the roads. In Mr. C.H. Hannells childhood, he was carried by the blacks to see the last of the cottage which was destroyed by fire; but though many years have elapsed the name has never changed.

108971 Hannell Clarence Hewson - 1836 6 November Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p.27
Son of James and Mary Ann Hannell. Baptism

127978 Hannell Clarence Hewson - 1859 2 June Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle Marriages Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle 1858 - 1868 p16
Marriage of Clarence Hewson Hannell, son of James and Maria Ann Hannell to Phoebe Maria Tighe, daughter of Robert and Sarah Tighe. Witnesses James Hannell and Atkinson Tighe

161755 Hannell Clarence Hewson - 10 March 1909 Oomoobah, Newcastle SMH
Died aged 72 years on 4th March 1909

169840 Hannell Clarence Hewson - - 88 Church St. Newcastle Australian Heritage Database
Minumbah is a picturesque three storey villa erected in 1880 in the Victorian Rustic Gothic manner for the very prominent Novocastrian, Clarence Hewson Hannell. This residence has both historical and social significance because of its first owner. Clarence Hannell was the eldest son of James Hannell, the first Mayor of Newcastle and Wickham, Local Member of Parliament, Magistrate, President of the Newcastle Hospital Board, just to mention a few of his many community services to Newcastle.;place_id=102174

174029 Hannell Clarence Hewson - 4 April 1902 Newcastle NMH
Another old schoolmaster was Mr. George Felton to whose memory a stone was erected showing that he passed away in 1848. For many years he kept a school at the corner of Bolton and Church Streets on the site now occupied by Bolton street Public School. Many old residents were included among the scholars, among them being Mr. C.H. Hannell.

145926 Hannell Clarence Hewson and Maria Phoebe - 1860 27 May Abode: Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms. p.79
Baptism of son Edmond

161757 Hannell (biog.,) Clarence - 1888 Newcastle Adapted from The Aldine History of New South Wales by W.F. Morrison
Clarence Hannell JP was born in Newcastle in 1836 and educated at the Grammar School there and under the Rev. W. Savigny. From the age of 17 to 25 he was the Amateur Rowing Champion of Newcastle. In 1862 he entered the Civil Service as shipping master, a position which he still holds (in 1888). Mr. Hannell took an active interest in athletic sports, in philanthropic institution and in the general welfare of the city. He was for 15 years honorary member of the racing club. He was on the Public School Board for many years and laid the foundation stone and publicly opened the Newcastle Superior Public School. The Hannell wing of the hospital was named in recognition of his aid in the sacred cause of charity. He was an ardent patron of Cricket and rowing. He has a family of four sons and three daughters