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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
93729 Handlen Margaret Kains 1831 1831 1 April from the female factory via Newcastle gaol NGE
Servant from Manchester. Sent from the female factory to private service of William Harper. Discharged from Newcastle gaol to her master per Patrick Halfpenny on 5th April

163982 Handlin (Handlen) Margaret Kains 1831 1831-32 Hunter River Settler and Convict Lists 1787-1834. Ancestry
Age 28. Assigned to William Harper

174850 Handlin (Handlen) Margaret Kains 1831 1831 - State Archives NSW. Convict Indents. Microfiche 678
Age 20. Widow with one child. Sempstress and allwork, tried at Manchester 26th April 1830 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing money. Assigned to William Harper on arrival - Note - died at Parramatta February 1833.

174879 Handlin (Handlen) Margaret Kains 1831 27 September 1830 At Sea on board the Kains Surgeon s Journal
Treated by the surgeon for indigestion....after restorative medication Margaret Handlin complains of oppression of the chest which the surgeon thought was fancy.....It is very difficult to understand an Irish woman in her description of her ailments, he wrote. The Matron tells me that her appetite was so keen this morning that she would not wait with patience until her gruel was prepared....The National Archives of the UK (TNA); Admiralty and predecessors: Office of the Director General of the Medical Department of the Navy and predecessors: Medical Journals; Reference Number: ADM 101/40/1