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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
32145 Grimes Charles - 1801 November Coal River Barrallier
Acting Surveyor General sent to the Hunter River to complete surveys of the River

77142 Grimes Charles - 1801 October Hunter River HR NSW Vol. IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed by F. M. Bladen. p 597 - 598
Accompanying Frederick Kirkwold and Ensign Barralier up the Hunter River to search for 'cardjang'

77300 Grimes Charles - 1808 5 April - HR NSW, Vol. VI, King and Bligh 1806, 1807, 1808. . p. 574
Resigned as Acting Judge-Advocate

162278 Grimes Charles - May 1802 - A Voyage to Terra Australis by Matthew Flinders
No runs of fresh water were seen in my excursions; but Mr. Charles Grimes surveyor-general of New South Wales afterwards found several, and in particular, a small river falling into the northern head of the port. Mr. Grimes was sent by governor King, in 1803, to walk round, and survey the harbour; and from his plan I have completed my chart of Port Phillip. The parts of the coast left unshaded are borrowed from him, and the soundings written at right angles are those of his companion, Lieutenant Robbins.

176898 Grimes Charles - 4 August 1825 St. James Church, Sydney The Australian
Married - By special license by Rev. Richard Hill on 2nd August 1825, Mr. John Grimes, son of Charles Grimes, formerly Surveyor General of the Colony, to Miss Mary Ann Atkinson

162279 Grimes Charles Gorgon 1791 1790 - Australian Dictionary of Biography Online
In 1790 Charles Grimes was appointed deputy-surveyor of roads, to be employed on Norfolk Island. He sailed to Sydney in the Gorgon next year and reached the island in November. He surveyed the land of the settlers from the Sirius, returned briefly to Sydney to report and went back to correct other surveys which had been made without proper instruments. He was appointed head constable on the island, and helped Lieutenant-Governor Philip Gidley King in his administration, until he went back to the mainland to assist Surveyor-General Augustus Alt who was in ill health

77102 Grimes Charles To Port Stephens in the 'Francis' 1795 March - HRA, Series 1, Vol.1, 1788 - 1796. Governors' Despatches to and From England. p. 490.
Deputy Surveyor. Sent to survey Port Stephens by Captain Paterson

77103 Grimes Charles To Port Stephens in the 'Francis' 1795 March Port Stephens Collins
Reported that the natives of Port Stephens were a taller, stouter race and very unfriendly

77104 Grimes Charles To Port Stephens in the 'Francis' 1795, March Port Stephens Collins
Saved from being speared by natives at Port Stephens by 'Wilson' shooting at the native