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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
18028 Grant Patrick - 1845 19 July East Maitland MM

30273 Grant Patrick - 1839 Maitland Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
Police Magistrate

45400 Grant Patrick - 1848 20 September - MM
Soliciting votes to represent the Port Phillips district

52824 Grant Patrick - 1840 24 November Maitland SH. An Organised Banditti, p45
Police Magistrate of Maitland, ill in Sydney

54231 Grant Patrick - 1840 December Maitland An Organised Banditti, p.202
Replaced as Police Magistrate in Maitland by Edward Denny Day

59929 Grant Patrick - 1845 12 July - MM
Former police magistrate in Maitland. Candidate for Legislative Council

61607 Grant Patrick - 1838 8 January Maitland SH
Letter to the Sydney Herald regarding his work as a Magistrate

63804 Grant Patrick - 1840 28 November - Commercial Journal and Advertiser
Resigned from position of Police Magistrate

68098 Grant Patrick - 1838 19 December Maitland GG
Appointed Police Magistrate

73847 Grant Patrick - 1846 17 January - MM
Proposal for railroad between Newcastle, Maitland and Liverpool Ranges

96263 Grant Patrick - 1840 4 January Maitland SG
Requested by inhabitants of Maitland to convene a public meeting to consider propriety of establishing a Market Place within the town of Maitland

97318 Grant Patrick - 1853 9 February Maitland MM
Late member for the Northumberland Borough and former Police Magistrate at Maitland. About to proceed to England. Testimonial being preparedby the residents of Maitland

133304 Grant Patrick - 1839 28 May Maitland This errant lady: Jane Franklin's overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney p. 131.
Brother-in-law to Lord Glenelg. Alluded to his humble position in the colonies and that he would soon give up his poor pittance and want for nothing again. Accompanied Lady Jane Franklin on her visit to Maitland. Described by Lady Jane as one who seemed 'non compos, and appeared to be under the influence of liquor'

133308 Grant Patrick - 1839 28 May Morpeth This errant lady: Jane Franklin's overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney p. 131
Kept Lady Franklin and party waiting for 1 hour for dinner. Described as Lady Franklin as having a 'doleful look' and of incessant repetition of topic

169317 Grant Patrick - 10 May 1837 Maitland Historical Records of Australia Series 1, Vol XVIII, p 748
Lord Glenelg to Sir Richard Bourke - Sir, As I perceive that a vacancy has occurred in the office of Police Magistrate at Maitland, althought I have not yet received any official notification of that circumstance, I have appointed Mr. Patrick Grant to succeed to the office. Mr. Grant will shortly embark for the Colony and will receive the same rate of Salary which was enjoyed by his Predecessor