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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
77116 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 9 June Hunter River HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed. by F. M. Bladen.  pp 390 - 1
Directed by Gov. King to take the 'Lady Nelson' to Hunter River. To take with him Lieut-Col Paterson & Ensign Barralier.

77121 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 14 June Nobbys HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed. by F. M. Bladen. p. 448
With John Harris climbed Coal Island (Nobbys) and raised the 'Union' on top of the island

77124 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 17 June Ash Island HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed by F. M. Bladen. pp 404 - 409
Went to Ash Island with Lieut-Col Paterson & found gum trees, swamp oak, tea tree and mangrove in abundance

77127 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 22 June near Newcastle HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed by F. M. Bladen. pp 404 - 409
Discovered John Loft who had been shipwrecked north of Port Stephens

77129 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 19 June Newcastle HRA, Series I, vol. III. Governor's Despatches to and From England, 1801 - 1802. pp175 - 176
With Ensign Barralier and John Harris sounded the entrance to Hunter River

77134 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 4 July Newcastle HRA Series 1 vol. III, p. 172
Visited the coal miners at Coal River. Strata of coal four feet thick

168008 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 - Memoirs of Hydrography. Entry for James Grant
The Lady Nelson returned to Sydney July 25th 1801, and Lieutenant Grant sailed November 9th of the same year in the brig Anna Josepha, laden with coal and timber, by way of Cape Horn and Falkland Islands, for the Cape of Good Hope. After a wild passage, during which the crazy vessel was becalmed for six weeks in the vicinity of Tristan d'Acunha, Table Bay was arrived at April 1st 1802 and shortly afterwards Lieutenant Grant embarked for England in H.M.S. Imperieuse. The first coal brought from Australian in the Anna Josepha, realised 36 rix dollars a ton at the Cape

168009 Grant Lieutenant James - 1801 - The Annual Review. ....A review of James Grant's 'Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery performed in his Majesty's Vessel the Lady Nelson'
(Extract)..Having completed the design of their voyage they returned to Port Jackson. And here Lieutenant's Grant's voyage of discovery and his command of the Lady Nelson terminate. From the time of his arrival at Port Jackson, he had, as he himself complains, met with many mortifications, and had now no prospect of being relieved from them. He, therefore embraced the first opportunity of returning to Europe, and took his passage in an old Spanish brig taken on the coast of Peru and sent as a prize into Port Jackson. She was laden with coals and spars, and bound to the Cape of Good Hope by way of Cape Horn. At the Cape he embarked for England, by favour of Sir Roger Curtis, in his majesty's ship Imperieuse, and arrived safe in his native country after an absence of about two years and a half.

168198 Grant Lieutenant James - 1803 England Parliamenary Debates - Hansard
Parliamentary accounts - To Lieut. Grant, late Commander of Colonial Brig Lady Nelson for losses sustained while he was employed by the Gov. of NSW and for Expenses on his return home 98 13s 3d