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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
46001 Grainger Benjamin - 1824 13 August Wallis Plains CSI
Allowed to pass from Windsor to Wallis Plains

61213 Grainger Benjamin - 1811 1 June - SG
Reprimanded for being out after hours (Sydney)

61324 Grainger Benjamin - 1813 31 July Newcastle SG
Miner at Newcastle

63015 Grainger Benjamin - 1825 28 November Wallis Plains SG
Daniel Leary found guilty of robbing Benjamin and intent to commit a rape on his wife Mary Grainger

71206 Grainger Benjamin - 1819 Oct - Dec Newcastle Convict Settlement
Overseer, miners at Newcastle settlement

108355 Grainger Benjamin - 1824 13 August Wallis Plains CSI
Assigned servant George Stone per 'Fortune' permissed to pass from Windsor to Wallis Plains the cattle

162328 Grainger Benjamin - 23 January 1820 Newcastle The Evidence Before Commissioner J.T. Bigge
EVIDENCE OF BENJAMIN GRAINGER,SUPERINTENDENT OF COAL MINES 23 JANUARY, 1820. 1. How long have you been employed in superintending the coal mine at Hunter's River? Seven years and upwards. 2. Did you acquire your knowledge of mining in England? I did, in Staffordshire. 3. Did you sink the colliery at Hunter's River? 1 did about two years and a half ago, 4. Where did you get coals before and how? Down by the sea shore at the bottom of the cliff, by a drift made at the level of the shore, where the seam of coal appeared at the day, [i.e., when the coal seam was exposed].^ 5. Is it the same seam that you are now working? It is. 6. What is the depth of the seam? Three foot and an inch, [hence the name. Yard Seam]. 7. What is the depth of the present shaft? Thirty seven yards. 8. Is there much water in it? There is, but we make a dam for it. and bucket the water into the drift [mine workings] by which it is,carried to the sea. 139 9. Is it the same seam of coal that appears on the coast? It is. 10. Which way does it dip? Southwest from the coast and about half a mile to the southward it appears at its old level. 11. Which way are you now working the seam? About west in the direction of the church. 12. Do you prop up the roof as you proceed? we do at certain distances. 13. What quantity of coal do you raise in a day? We raise twenty tons when all hands, viz., 27 men, A 3 are employed. 14. How much is each hewer required to do? Each hewer gets two ton and a half. 15. Can they finish their task before evening? They can by working hard finish it at noon and formerly they used to go home after that but for the last three or four months they remain at the pit's mouth with nothing to do. 16. Why are they not allowed to go home after they have finished their work? For fear of plundering the houses of those who are at work. 17. The miners are allowed an extra ration? Eight of them are who are hewers [i.e., those who 140 remove the coal from the seam]. 18. Do you think that their healths suffer by coal mining? I think they do on account of the wet and remaining in their wet clothes after they come up from the pit. They suffer also from want of a change of clothes. 19. How far have you worked from the bottom of the pit? About a hundred yards in a south west direction.

176588 Grainger Benjamin Anne 1810 1824 Newcastle district Newcastle (Hunter River) Population Book, 1824 - Ancestry
Residing with his wife, employed as a labourer by Mary Hunt

104735 Grainger (Granger) Benjamin Anne 1810 Burial 1827 October From Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle . Burials p.4
Age 43: Occupation: Victualler

100753 Grainger (Granger) Benjamin & Mary - 1827 - Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
Victualler of Wallis Plains. Witnesses at the marriage of Thomas Prentice and Martha O Donnell

61878 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin - 1817 16 August Newcastle SG
Miner. Paid 5 pounds from Police Fund

67174 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin - 1838 11 July Branxton, Anvil Creek GG
Granted 50 acres land by Gov. Brisbane 21 April 1825. Allegedly sold to Thomas Hunt who sold to Hughes & Hosking. Wife Mary applied to Gov. Darling in 1828 for the land

77448 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin - 1814 30 April Newcastle SG
Paid 20 pounds from the Police Fund for his work as a miner at Newcastle

91756 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin - 1827 Wallis Plains Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle
Witness at marriage of Thomas Prentice and MarthaO'Donnell

160698 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin - 12 August 1822 Church of England, Newcastle Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825. University of Newcastle
No. 24. Marriage of Benjamin Granger to Mary Arthursway, both of Newcastle. Witness Thomas Acton. Minister Rev. G.A. Middleton

17143 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin Anne 1810 1812 Newcastle CSI
Sent to Newcastle to assist in opening of new mine. Overseer

17144 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin Anne 1810 1822 Newcastle CSI
Resigned due to ill health

46002 Granger (Grainger) Benjamin Anne 1810 1812 21 December Newcastle CSI
Sent to Newcastle to assist in opening of new mines