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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
17127 Gillman Captain Henry - 1823 Newcastle CSI
3rd Regiment. Commandant at Newcastle

61043 Gillman Captain Henry - 1824 30 December Newcastle The Australian
Sailed for Newcastle to prepare to proceed to Port Macquarie as Commandant there

63336 Gillman Captain Henry - 1826 18 February Port Macquarie SG
Requested to be allowed to resign from his position at Port macquarie due to ill health. Appointed Major of Brigade

63466 Gillman Captain Henry - 1825 23 June Port Macquarie The Australian
Rescued crew of a whale boat which had been upset on the bar

63620 Gillman Captain Henry - 1827 6 June Sydney The Australian
Sailed on the ship 'Australia' for London with wife and family

64931 Gillman Captain Henry - 1832 29 June - Australian
Late of the Buffs when in the colony. Now Lieut. Colonel of the 67th.

77001 Gillman Captain Henry - 1824 Newcastle CSI
Dispute with Alexander Shand over the assignment of James Tallent

78042 Gillman Captain Henry - 1823 18 December Newcastle SG
Appointed Magistrate

78047 Gillman Captain Henry - 1824 14 October Newcastle Australian
Captain Gillman to show cause why a criminal information should not be filed against himfor sending a challenge to Vicars Jacob to fight a duel

78055 Gillman Captain Henry - 1824 9 December Newcastle SG
Wife gave birth to a son at Newcastle

78082 Gillman Captain Henry - 1825 24 July Newcastle Australian
Coal procured in 12mths that Captain Gillman commanded exceeded quantity procured in any preceding year. Another coal pit being sunk

102111 Gillman Captain Henry - 1826 30 June Port Macquarie Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser
Former Commandant at Newcastle. Sent by Gov. Darling to Port Macquarie to investigate the sentence of every prisoner at Port Macquarie and report on every man's case, resulting in hundreds of most useful artisans and valuable servants being returned to Sydney.

167810 Gillman Captain Henry - 23 June 1825 Port Macquarie The Australian
A whale boat was upset yesterday on the bar; as soon as the accident was perceived, Captain Gillman with nobleness and generosity went off to the assistance of the crew; and, after passing through a most tremendous surf, at imminent peril, he succeeded in picking up the whole of them; three were nearly dead; but have since recovered

168923 Gillman Captain Henry - 27 March 1833 - Sydney Monitor
Account of the moral character of Captain Gillman by E.S. Hall in his account of the failings of Governor Darling - While Commandant first at Newcastle then at Port Macquarie though accompanied by his wife (one of the most amiable and accomplished women in the colony) his amours were carried on in open day. One night his wife insisted on opening the window to call for the watch, in consequence of her finding a female concealed in the room. Capt. G. impeded her by threatening to break her arm by shutting the casement on hit; and the lady persisting, he did so and fractured the bone. Dr. Moran set the bone and can testify to the truth of this circumstance. Among other of his seductions was that of two girls very young, and well behaved, the daughters of a prisoner of the Crown, one of thwom complained to her father of violation by Capt. G. The father went up to Captain Gillman and used violent language. He was ordered to the triangles and the scourger had just lifted the scourge to punish the grey haired parent when Serjeant Gilbert Smith a friend of Captain G. ran down and taking him aside implored him to reflect on what he was doing. I was told this by Serjeant Smith himself

176874 Gillman Captain Henry - 16 February 1826 - The Australian
Recalled from commandancy of Port Macquarie and appointed Brigade Major vice Lieut. Colonel Cameron

115771 Gillman Captain Henry Arab 1822 1822 29 November Port Jackson SG
In command of the military detachment (Buffs) on the convict ship 'Arab' from Portsmouth and Hobart. Accompanied by his wife and family

28123 Gillman Henry - 1823 - Historical Records of Newcastle
Free selector of land in Newcastle/ Hunter Valley

42310 Gillman Henry - 1823 10 December Hunter River CSI
Appointed to the committee for Christ Church, Kings Town

42314 Gillman Henry - 1824 29 May Newcastle CSI
Recommended Ricahrd Binder and John Reynolds for land grants

42315 Gillman Henry - 1824 20 December Newcastle CSI
Recommended Frances Beattie for a land grant

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