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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
180464 Gibson Lieut. Thomas - 7 August 1835 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
William Hanbridge per Blenheim, prisoner assigned to the General Hospital at Newcastle. Charged with a breach of the Hospital regulations in giving food to a patient in the hospital who ought not to receive any but what is allowed by the surgeon. George Brooks, surgeon testified....the prisoner has been in the hospital a sufficient time to know that committing the offence that is charged against him is a breach of the hospital regulations.......John Sullivan testified....James Flood reported to me that Hanbridge gave him an order to give his dinner to one of the iron gang men. I asked him did he give it to him. He told he did. I said I would report him and Hanbridge to the doctor. The prisoner told me two days before this that I might have my dinner. James Flood testified....The prisoner gave me orders to give his dinner to an iron gang man by the name of Kilbraid. Hanbridge found guilty and sentenced to fifty lashes. Magistrate Thomas Gibson

107960 Gibson Lieutenant - 1834 2 December Newcastle NGE
Olympia Edwards per 'Numa' assigned servant

107975 Gibson Lieutenant - 1834 16 December Newcastle NGE
Ann Keane per 'Diana' assigned servant

108028 Gibson Lieutenant - 1834 23 December Newcastle NGE
Louisa Croaker (?) per 'Sovereign' assigned servant

111368 Gibson Lieutenant - 1835 12 April Newcastle NGE
Mary Anne Jordan per 'Diana' assigned servant

111374 Gibson Lieutenant - 1835 3 December - SG
Soldier of the 4th regt., Departing for Norfolk Island on the Isabella, being part of the Special Commission appointed to try the prisoners at Norfolk Island

111375 Gibson Lieutenant - 1833 3 September Newcastle SG
Arriving in Sydney from Newcastle on the govt., schooner Isabella with a detachment of the 4th regiment

111376 Gibson Lieutenant - 1833 20 April Newcastle SG
In command of troops of the King's Own regt., (4th) on the occasion of the Governor's visit to Newcastle

111636 Gibson Lieutenant - 1835 27 April Newcastle NGE
Mary Kelly per 'Hooghley' assigned servant

111826 Gibson Lieutenant - 1835 6 May Newcastle NGE
Mary Blackford per 'George Hibbert' assigned servant

175204 Gibson Lieutenant - 1 October 1834 Newcastle Sydney Monitor
Taking Command of the detachment of the 4th regiment stationed at Newcastle

175212 Gibson Lieutenant - 14 January 1836 Norfolk Island SH
Passenger on the Isabella from Norfolk Island to Sydney

175213 Gibson Lieutenant - 22 December 1837 Sydney The Australian
Among the passengers by the Recovery for Madras, Lieut. Bridge, H.M. 3rd Regiment andd the following Officer of H.M. 4th Regiment, Captain Chambers, Lieutenants Gibson, Hilton and Kennedy, Ensign Boyle and Cross; there were also 7 non commissioned Officers; 136 privates, 14 soldiers wives and 16 children

111373 Gibson Lieutenant Hercules 1832 1832 18 October Sydney SG
In command of 4th regt., on the Hercules convict ship from London

175205 Gibson Lieutenant Thomas - 9 January 1835 - The Australian
Appointed Magistrate of the Territory. (4th Regiment)

175206 Gibson Lieutenant Thomas - 11 May 1835 Maitland The Sydney Herald
Present at the Maitland Quarter Sessions

175208 Gibson Lieutenant Thomas - 14 November 1835 Newcastle Sydney Monitor
John Tilley, stood indicted for striking George Botham with a spade or shovel, with intent to kill and murder him, at Newcastle on August 24th. Another count laid it with intent to do some bodily harm. It appeared from the evidence for the prosecution that the prisoner and prosecutor both belonged to the ironed gang at Newcastle. On the day laid in the indictment, Botham and others were employed filling a cart with stone, when Botham received a blow on the back of his head, which made him insensible, and, according to the evidence of Dr. Brooks; if it had not been in a slanting direction must have been fatal. Two other men belonging to the gang (Dredge and Byrnes) positively swore that they saw Tilley strike Botham with a spade, and Byrnes said, that Tilley stated, he would give himself up. It appeared, that Botham had previously applied for the situation of scourger, and had otherwise given annoyance to the gang by giving an account of some misconduct which had occurred. For the defense several witnesses were called; Sergeant Sherry of the 4th Regiment, deposed that he was on duty on the day which the accident occurred and he heard Dredge and Byrnes and several others of the gang, say, they did not see how he got the hurt; they only saw him fall, and that Botham himself said, his head got light and he fell against a stone, and upon his (the Sergeants) asking him, if any one had struck him, he said, no. Samuel Merritt, Overseer of Public Works at New- castle, deposed that he was present when Lieut. Gibson was making enquiry respecting Botham when Dredge handed him a piece of blue stone with some blood and hair on it; at the suggestion of Mr. Gibson he examined all the spades and shovels that were in or near the place where the men were at work. On his cross examination this witness admitted that notwithstanding his high sounding title, and that he had upwards of one hundred men under him, he was a prisoner without any remission of sentence and had seen as much trouble as most men. Storey, one of the gang positively swore that there were no spades or shovels on the ground and that in consequence of Mr. Nicholson being about to take charge, the tools were all being mustered. In summing up Justice Dowling drew the attention of the Jury to the fact, that the witnesses had in the first instance denied, that they had any knowledge of the circumstances, and that it was not, until there was some talk of a reward, that they preferred the evidence they had that day given. The Jury retired a short time and returned a verdict of, Not Guilty.

175214 Gibson Lieutenant Thomas - 20 November 1839 - SH
4th Foot - Lieutenant Thomas Gibson to be Captain without purchase vice Chambers deceased, 1st July 1839

175215 Gibson Lieutenant Thomas - 14 February 1832 - Edinburgh Gazette
4th Regiment of Foot - Lieutenant Thomas Gibson from half pay 97th foot to be Lieutenant, vice Clarke, commuted; dated 14 February 1832

180450 Gibson Lieutenant Thomas - 21 July 1835 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
James Smith alias Scott, government employee attached to the Engineer s Department. Charged with receiving stolen property belonging to the Crown...Lieut. Gibson of 4th Kings Own Regt., testified....On Friday 17th July, Sergeant John Burnes of 4th regt., reported to me as his Officer Commanding the detachment that one of the soldiers was seen with a blanket and a rug in his possession leaving the Barracks store. He was followed to Mr. Dodd s house and the blanket found in the possession of the prisoner who acknowledged having bought the blanket from the soldier. The blanket produced before the Bench was assigned to me from the Barrack department in Sydney...Sergeant Burnes testified....On Friday evening last I was in my quarters. I was told that Private Gregory had gone out the back with a blanket and a bag rolled down under his arm. I followed him down to the Stockade and asked the sentry if he had seen him. He said he had going along the Beach. I followed him but could not find him. I returned home to the barracks. I was then told that Gregory was in the Barracks. I then ordered the Corporal of the Guard to confine him. I asked him where the blanket was and he told me if he would tell me where it was I would say no more about it. He told me it was with Mr. Dodds man. I took him and went to Mr. Dodds kitchen. Gregory asked the prisoner for the blanket. He refused to return it until he got the two shillings he gave for it. I gave him the two shillings and he gave me the blanket. I brought the blanket and rug home with me. Gregory said he intended to fetch the blanket on the Wednesday following. John Smith found guilty and sentenced to fifty lashes