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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
80270 Gallagher Constable Felix - 1837 6 February Maitland GG 1837
Ticket of leave holder. Appointed constable in room of William Wright, dismissed

16192 Gallagher Felix - 1841 24 April Maitland SH
Ticket of leave cancelled for being drunk

164061 Gallagher Felix - 13 February 1837 Maitland Sydney Monitor
Ticket of leave holder. Appointed constable from 24 January in the room of W. Wright who was dismissed

40139 Gallagher Felix Mangles 1828 1836 2 July Maitland SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

110072 Gallagher Felix Mangles 1828 1837 Maitland GRC
Tried in Co. Tyrone. Ticket of leave holder

137600 Gallagher Felix Mangles 1828 1838 27 August Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books AO NSW Reel 2722
Prisoner under sentence of transportation for Life. Sentenced to 14 days in the cells at Newcastle for drunkenness

162490 Gallagher Felix Mangles 1828 June 1828 - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 669
Age 25. Reads and writes. Farm servant from Tyrone. Tried 8 August 1827 and sentenced to transportation for life for manslaughter. Assigned to James Kelly at Swan reach on arrival

64464 Gallagher (Gollocher) Felix Mangles 1828 1830 12 January Hunter River SG
Farmer's servant. 5' 5 1/2"; hazel eyes, dark brown hair, ruddy complexion. Absconded from J. Kelly

14861 Gollocher (Gallagher) Felix Mangles 1828 1830 21 January Hunter River SG
Farmers servant from Tyrone absconded from service of J. Kelly