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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
57622 Gall Lieut. Isaac Hendley H. - 1849 25 August - MM
99th Regiment. To be Captain by purchase, vice Hamilton who retired

176872 Gall Lieut. Isaac Hindley Herbert - 23 March 1849 - London Gazette
99th foot. Lieut. Isaac Hindley Herbert Gall to be Captain by purchase vice Hamilton who retires.

176873 Gall Lieut. Isaac Hindley Herbert - 28 August 1854 - The Courier Hobart
We have a melancholy duty to perform in announcing the death on board the Governor General steamer on passage from Melbourne to Sydney of Captain Gall of 99th regt now in garrison. The deceased officer who was proceeding on leave of absence was held in deservedly high estimation as an officer and a gentleman. He was buried with military honours in Sydney

11611 Gall Lieutenant - 1844 11 May Maitland MM
Commanding officer Maitland Mounted Police

13415 Gall Lieutenant - 1844 2 November - MM
Accompanied Governor Gipps to Muswellbrook with an escort of Mounted police

16971 Gall Lieutenant - 1845 14 June Jerrys Plains MM
Held inquest

20126 Gall Lieutenant - 1846 38 January Scone MM

20721 Gall Lieutenant - 1846 18 March Jerrys Plains MM
Mounted Policeman

25106 Gall Lieutenant - 1846 24 October - MM
Assigned servant John Kerfoot returned to Govt. after being suspected of robbing a cart

26690 Gall Lieutenant - 1847 6 February Maitland MM
Commander of the Mounted police. Received the Governor , Sir Charles Fitzroy at the Northumberland Hotel

32855 Gall Lieutenant - 1847 14 July Jerry's Plains MM
Officer of Mounted Police returned to his regiment. Replaced by Lieutenant Tompson

45442 Gall Lieutenant - 1847 10 February Jerry's Plains MM
Dined with Governor Fitzroy at the Police Barracks on his visit to Jerry's Plains

55470 Gall Lieutenant - 1846 8 August East Maitland MM
Master West arriving in Maitland in charge of Lieut. Gall's stud which was to be quartered in the stockade

155222 Gall Lieutenant - 1844 13 May Jerrys Plains SMH
99th regt., Led a party of Mounted Police in pursuit of bushrangers who escaped from the convict hospital at Newcastle

10179 Gall Lieutenant Isaac Hendley H. - 1844 20 January Jerrys Plains MM
Of 99th Regiment of Foot appointed Commandant of Mounted police in place of Capt. Scovell

33174 Gall Lieutenant Isaac Hendley H. - 1847 27 July St. James Church Morpeth SMH
Marriage of I.H.H. Gall, Lieutenant of HM 99th Regiment and Emma, eldest daughter of R. King, Esq., of Ellerslie, Jerrys Plains on 22 July. Minister Rev. G.K. Rusden

5122 Scougall Lieutenant - 1843 21 January - MM
Cheque written by Scougall among those stolen by bushranger