Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
64307 Fox Constable John - 1839 20 September Merton Newcastle gaol entrance books 1839 no 909
John Wilson and Francis Knight committed for trial for the murder of Constable John Fox

117381 Fox Constable John - 1839 6 February Cassilis GG 1839
Appointed constable vice John Greenfield who was discharged

125789 Fox Constable John - 1836 26 October Merton GG
Ticket of leave holder. Appointed ordinary constable 11th October

185029 Fox Constable John - 30 May 1839 Muswellbrook Criminal Court Records. Muswellbrook Court of Petty Sessions, Letter Books, 1838-1851. p.19. Ancestry
Correspondence from Edward Denny Day to the Colonial Secretary informing him of the death of Constable Fox at Cream of Tartar Creek near Gammon Plains by bushranger John Hobson, otherwise known as opposum jack. Bayliss who was assisting in pursuit of the bushrangers Hobson, KNight and Wilson was shot but survived