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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
23563 Forsyth William - 1846 19 September Scone MM
'Cliffdale'. John Davis found not guilty of setting alight an outhouse belonging to Forsyth

35033 Forsyth William - 1836 3 May Invermein SG
Letter to newspaper stating regret that John Bingle had been ommitted from the Commission of Peace

50194 Forsyth William - 1848 27 December Scone, Kingdon Ponds MM
Given pre-emptive right to lease Crown Land

64011 Forsyth William - 1829 1 September - SG
Michael Brown, Patrick Corcoran and Richard Turnstyle sentenced to death for robbing William Forsyth and threatening Miller

64859 Forsyth William - 1831 16 June Hunter River SG
Thomas King Thompson and Thomas Newman receive sentence of death recorded for breaking and entering the dwelling house of Forsyth

101180 Forsyth William - 1833 24 August Invermen SG
Signature on petition to Legislative Council by Hunter River district inhabitants regarding the 'Summary Punishment Bill'

116085 Forsyth William - 1837 Invermein GRC
William Johnstone per 'Adrian' assigned servant

120444 Forsyth William - 1841 22 June Guanga. Co Brisbane; bounded on the eastern branch of the Waibong GG
Land Grant. 800 acres authorised by Sir Thomas Brisbane 21st June 1825 for William Forsyth. Deed now re-advertised for Donald MacIntyre at Forsyth's request

131471 Forsyth William - 1837 22 March Residence Invermein, District applied for Liverpool Plains GG
On list of individuals who obtained Licenses for the Colonial Treasurer for depasturing Stock beyond the boundaries of the Colony

132786 Forsyth William - 1860 13 June Cliffdale, Upper Hunter River SMH
Death of William Forsyth on 9th May in the 58th year of his age, one of the oldest residents in the district. He died highly esteemed and respected by all who knew him

138601 Forsyth William - 1837 Invermein GRC
James Wright per 'Exmouth' assigned servant

168051 Forsyth William - 1828 Hunter's River State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Title: Bound manuscript indents, 1788-1842; Item: [4/4013]; Microfiche: 670
George Garratt per 'Albion' assigned to William Forsyth on arrival

176530 Forsyth William - 16 December 1933 Scone The Scone Advocate
William Forsyth possessed Cliffdale estate at the foot of the Range and a time worn and browned stone which marks his last resting place on the property is still to be seen in 1933 by travellers along the Great North Road on the Scone side of Wingen

182826 Forsyth William - 21 March 1833 Invermein Invermein Court of Petty Sessions. Deposition Books 1833 -1834 (Ancestry)
Thomas Lancaster per ship York, assigned to William Forsyth, charged with absconding....William Forsyth states - He went from home on the 8th inst., and returned on the evening of 14th and found that the prisoner was Lancaster his assigned servant was absent from the farm. The prisoner did not make his appearance before deponent til about 11 o clock on the following day. Deponent had repeatedly ordered prisoner not to leave the farm without permission. Deponent is of opinion that all the work which was done by the prisoner and his companion during deponents absence might have been done in little more than one day. Last Friday evening prisoner requested a pass to go to Hospital. Deponent did not see any necessity for that step but allowed him to go on condition that he should return before Sunday night as he promised to do. Prisoner did not return till about 5 o clock on Tuesday afternoon and stated that he had reached Segenhoe on Saturday and returned to Mr. Littles the same evening, that he took the remaining three days to make deponents farm going by the farms of Mr. Thompson and Mr. Kiernan which deponent had forbidden him to do as being a circuitous road. The prisoner has on various other occasions absented himself from deponent s farm without leave. The prisoner makes no defence. The Bench find the prisoner Thomas Lancaster guilty and sentence him to receive fifty lashes.

64556 Forsyth William Augustus - 1830 6 May Maitland SG
Found guilty of assaulting James Roach with intent to commit an unnatural offence. Sentencedto work in irons on public roads for 12 mths

64557 Forsyth William Augustus - 1830 6 May Maitland SG
Requested to be sent to a distant road gang after being found guilty of assault with intent

45161 Forsyth William Esq - 1846 1 April Cliffdale, Scone MM
75 reward or conditional pardon offered for apprehension of person who lit fire that destroyed Forsyth's store

93259 Forsyth (Forsight) William - 1831 16 March - NGE
Thomas King Thompson per 'Nithsdale' sent to Sydney for trial for burglary in the house of W. Forsyth

147230 Forsythe William - - 1830 Hunters River
John Ingram per 'Dunvegan Castle' assigned servant