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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
6124 Forbes Captain - 1838 13 October Patrick Plains R v. Holden - SC
Police Magistrate of Patrick Plains who took statement from Thomas Holden who was accused of murdering his wife

29676 Forbes Captain - 1834 16 August Patrick Plains SG
Assigned a convict watchmaker and an errand boy

34977 Forbes Captain - 1836 9 April Patrick Plains SG
Present at meeting of Patrick Plains Turf Club

40114 Forbes Captain - 1836 2 July Patrick Plains SG
Steward at Patrick Plains Races

64452 Forbes Captain - 1830 22 October - Australian
39th Regiment. Appointed Magistrate

64929 Forbes Captain - 1832 1 June - Australian
Returned to HQ by the Sophia Jane Steamer tattered and torn after his expedition into the interior. Mounted Police

65114 Forbes Captain - 1834 7 February - Australian
Mounted Police. Claimed reward for capture of the murderer of Mr. Clements. (said to be John Donohoe)

78573 Forbes Captain - 1830 15 January Newcastle Australian
39th Regiment. With Lieutenant Colonel Lindesay visiting Newcastle

131101 Forbes Captain - 1837 31 May Patrick Plains GG
Resigned from position of Police Magistrate. Replaced by Charles Wray Finch

17567 Forbes Captain Charles - - Patrick Plains -
Police Magistrate

93322 Forbes Captain Charles - 1834 15 January Patrick Plains GG 1834
Of the 17th Regiment. Appointed Magistrate at Patrick Plains

78079 Forbes Captain Duncan - 1825 30 June - Australian
Previously master of the 'Minerva'. Captain of the Nereid wrecked 10 miles north of Newcastle

147676 Forbes Captain Duncan - 1831 11 July - SH
Sailed in the Mary Ann over 18 months previously for Torres Straits to collect portions of the wrecks Swiftsure and Mermaid. At the time of the Amity going through the Straits 9 months ago, Captain Forbes was distressed for water and under necessity of going ashore. No word had been heard from since