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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
16528 Flinn (Flynn) Susan - 1845 19 April - MM
Sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment as an idle and disorderly character

38179 Flinn (Flynn) Susan - 1848 5 February Maitland MM
Fined 10/- or 24 hrs in the cells for drunkenness

49775 Flinn (Flynn) Susan - 1848 29 November Maitland MM
Fined 40/- or 2mths in gaol for assaulting Thomas Dean

50174 Flinn (Flynn) Susan - 1848 27 December Maitland MM
Charged with robbing Joseph Sullivan

50221 Flinn (Flynn) Susan - 1848 30 December Maitland MM
To be tried for stealing from the person at Maitland Quarter Sessions 8th January

50458 Flinn (Flynn) Susan - 1849 10 January Maitland MM
Sentenced to 18mths hard labour in Maitland gaol for stealing a cheque from Joseph Sullivan

82810 Flinn (Flynn) Susan - 1851 5 April Maitland MM
Fined 5s or 24 hrs in the cells for drunkenness

177936 Flinn (Flynn) Susan Andromeda 1834 3 January 1840 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 138
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Newcastle. Husband in gaol.

33154 Flynn Susan - 1847 24 July Maitland MM
Fined 10/- or 24hrs in cells for drunkenness

170364 Flynn Susan - 3 December 1840 Sydney Australasian Chronicle
A smart looking young woman named Susan Flynn who was a regular visitor of the Governor Macquarie public house in Pitt Street was put to the bar charged with robbing Margaret Nicholson a licensed hawker.......

170365 Flynn Susan - 7 January 1841 Sydney Australasian Chronicle
Found not guilty of stealing a brooch belonging to Margaret Nicholson

67137 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 1838 4 July Hinton GG
Nursegirl aged 18. Tried in Dublin. Ruddy and freckled compl., dark brown hair, chestnut eyes, 2 pock marks betwixt eyebrows; scar centre forehead; small scar left side of chin; scar under left jaw; absconded from J. White since June 26

67563 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 1838 3 October Patrick Plains GG
Apprehended after absconding from service of W.D. Kelman

76599 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 1835 14 August Maitland Application to marry
Application to marry William Dymoke. Allowed

92589 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 17 September 1834 Sydney AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 692
Age 14. Nursegirl from Dublin. Tried January 1833 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a shawl. Two prior convictions. 4ft 10, ruddy freckled complexion, dark brown hair, chesnut eyes, Two pockmarks between eyebrows. scar centre forehead. In the Female Factory April 1840

106361 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 1834 3 October Newcastle NGE
From Dublin. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Sydney for assignment. Assigned to Mr. McDonogh at Maitland 17 January 1835

111393 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 1835 13 March Newcastle gaol NGE
Servant from Dublin. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland under sentence of 6mths imprisonment. Assigned to Lieut. Campbell 28th regt., at Green Hills 15 September. Noisy and disorderly in gaol

166379 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 9 April 1835 Newcastle Application to Marry
James Hogan age 36 arrived per 'Earl St. Vincent', application to marry Susan Flynn age 14 arrived per 'Andromeda'

170363 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 December 1840 Sydney gaol Gaol Entrance Books. State Archives NSW; Series: 2514; Item: 4/6439; Roll: 853
Admitted to Sydney Gaol. To be sent for trial

177507 Flynn Susan Andromeda 1834 2 May 1836 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 136
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland. Returned to government service. Assigned to Mr. Wynn Baldwin at Maitland on 5th August 1836

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