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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
94954 Fleming Peter - 1852 2 October Newcastle MM
Signed address to Edward Flood, representative of the NE Boroughs in the Legislative Council, showing support as he had sustained serious losses in the recent disastrous floods on the Murrumbidgee

96071 Fleming Peter - 1852 10 November Newcastle MM
Butcher in Newcastle for the previous 8 years

97002 Fleming Peter - 1853 19 January Newcastle MM
Advertising to employ a steady sober man capable of keeping a butcher's set of books

114510 Fleming Peter - 1855 27 January Newcastle MM
Death of Peter, the beloved child of Mr. Peter Fleming on 24th January aged 3 yrs and 8 mths. Died of scarlatina

128972 Fleming Peter - 1853 7 October Maitland Quarter Sessions SMH
William Laffidge sentenced to 5 years on the roads for stealing cows belonging to William Henry Whyte and Peter Fleming, his employers at Dungog

161783 Fleming Peter - 9 September 1868 Parramatta SMH
Marriage of Robert, eldest son of Peter Fleming Esq., of Linwood, Newcastle, to Caroline Smith, third daughter of Hugh Gresty of Parramatta

174347 Fleming Peter - 1855 Freehold. Address Lynwood and Freehold near Honeysuckle Point NMH
On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 11 October 1911

140160 Fleming Peter Bengal Merchant 1836..... 26 December 1838 Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
James Ryan, William Blake and Peter Fleming all charged with assaulting Constable William Ledgerwood when he attempted to arrest them. Ryan, the ringleader was sentenced to 12 months in irons and the others to 100 lashes each

176106 Fleming Peter Bengal Merchant 1836..... 7 June 1836 Justitia Hulk at Woolwich UK Prison Hulk Registers. Ancestry
Age 21. Admitted to Justitia Hulk from Edinburgh 7 June 1836 having been convicted at Glasgow on 27 April 1836 of robbery. Transferred to the Bengal Merchant for transportation to NSW on 27 July 1836

137732 Fleming Peter Bengal Merchant 1836...... 30 October 1838 Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
William Blake, Peter Cobham, Edward Black, Peter Flemming all assigned to Lieut. Lugard, charged with being absent. Sentenced to 50 lashes each. David Bowerman witness

176105 Fleming Peter Bengal Merchant 1836...... - - Convict indents State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12189; Item: [X639]; Microfiche: 724
Age 23. Reads. Native place Refrewshire. Married, no children recorded. Occupation butcher. Offence stealing money. Tried at Glasgow Court of Justiciary 27 April 1836 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Black hair, dark hazel eyes, dark freckled and pockpitted complexion. Angular scar top of centre forehead, scar left cheek bone etc.

109732 Fleming Peter Bengal Merchant 1836....... 1837 Maitland GRC
Tried in Glasgow. Assigned to George Glue

155168 Fleming Peter and Mary - 1847 11 April Newcastle Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Baptism of Agnes, daughter of Peter Fleming and Mary Cameron

161774 Fleming Peter and Mary - 4 March 1849 Paterson Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Baptism of Donald, son of Peter Fleming and Mary Cameron

161787 Fleming (biog.,) Peter - - Newcastle Adapted from The Aldine History of New South Wales by W.F. Morrison
Butcher. Born in Scotland in 1817 and opened a butcher shop in Hunter St. Newcastle in 1838. In 1857 he joined with Mr. Ranclaud in business and continued the partnership for 16 years. Land owner at Lake Macquarie and owned ten shops in the centre of Newcastle as well as other properties

84861 Fleming (Flemming) Peter - 1851 9 August Newcastle MM
Requesting that Edward Flood nominate for representation in the Legislative council

85784 Fleming (Flemming) Peter - 1851 13 September Newcastle MM
Offering reward for information leading to apprehension of person who broke fences and buildings at Glebe farm

140157 Fleming (Flemming) Peter Bengal Merchant 1836....... 26 December 1838 Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
James Ryan, William Blake and Peter Fleming all assigned to Henry Lugard sentenced to 50 lashes each for being absent from their Master's farm without a pass. Found in a public house on the Maitland road

176107 Fleming (obit.,) Peter - 23 June 1894 Newcastle NMH
DEATH OF MR. PETER FLEMING, SENIOR. DEATH has been very busy among the old identities of this district recently, and yesterday another was added to the list by the de cease of Mr. Peter Fleming, sen., who died at his residence, Linwood, at a quarter to 3 o clock in the afternoon. For some three weeks the deceased has been ailing, and he gradually became worse until death came upon him quietly at the hour mentioned. The late Mr. Fleming was one of the oldest identities in the district, having come to Newcastle in the year 1838. In 1841 he started business as a butcher in Hunter - street, and commenced to deal largely in land. He was born in Paisley, Scotland, in 1817, and was therefore in the 78th year of his age. In 1857 Mr. Fleming entered into partnership with Mr. C. B. Ranclaud. and for many years they carried on one of the largest butchery establishments in the colonies. In 1864, the deceased having secured a large area of land in various parts of the district retired from business, and ever since has been living with his family at Lin wood. Soon after coming to Newcastle Mr. Fleming married a daughter of the late Mr. Donald Cameron, of Hexham and Port Stephens. This good lady who is 74 years of age survives her husband, and her birthday was only quietly celebrated on Wednesday last. On the 28th of last month Mr. and Mrs. Fleming held their golden wedding, and on that day the family gathered round the parents, who had been married for the long period of 60 years. A large quantity of valuable property has been left to the widow and family by the deceased. Many years ago Mr. Fleming purchased 120 acres in what is now the municipality of Wickham, and he established a little town there early in the sixties. Of the estate then purchased more than half has been sold, and among the other properties held by the deceased, are about a dozen shops in the main streets of the city. The deceased was among the first batch of aldermen elected to the Newcastle Borough Council, and for 27 consecutive years held the position, and only gave it up owing to his wish to quietly retire on his competency. The family left by the deceased are Mr. Robert Fleming, Mrs. James Fraser, Mr. Donald Fleming, Mr. Alexander Fleming of Quirindi, Mr. John Fleming, Mrs. Donald Fletcher, wife of Mr. Fletcher of Bajala Station, Castlereagh River, and Mr. Peter Fleming, jun., who although the youngest, is nearly 30 years of age. The re mains of the deceased will be interred in the Sandgate Cemetery on Sunday afternoon.

161775 Flemming (Fleming) Peter - 28 May 1844 Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Northumberland Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
Marriage of Peter Flemming to Mary Cameron

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