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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
5963 Farnham Constable Thomas - 1827 18 May Newcastle R v. Lowe - SC
Freed by servitude. Constable in August 1826 at Patrick Plains Stated that he saw Lowe order 4 soldiers to shoot Jacky Jacky

17589 Farnham Constable Thomas - 1826 - -
Constable at Peter McIntyre's station

41080 Farnham Constable Thomas - 1825 December Patrick Plains CSI
Appointed as Constable for the district beyond Patrick Plains

61008 Farnham Constable Thomas - 1827 13 January In the district beyong Patrick Plains SG
To be dismissed from position of constable

63333 Farnham Constable Thomas - 1826 19 January - SG
Free. Appointed constable.

63598 Farnham Constable Thomas - 1827 23 May - The Australian
Witness at trial of Lieut. Nathanial Lowe

181754 Farnham Constable Thomas - 23 March 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Thomas Scarr appeared in court to answer a summons for selling spirituous liquors without being duly licences. William Turvey stated - yesterday afternoon I went to Thomas Scarrs house in George Street accompanied by Thomas Farnham a constable from the interior. We called for two pots of beer one after the other and drank them after which I said I could not drink any more beer upon which Farnham went to the adjoining room and returned with a half pint of rum. He was accompanied by Scarr. He sat down beside me and we drank it, Scarr taking part; Farnham then handed over a two shilling piece and three pence in coppers to Scarr which was intended to pay for the rum and one pot of beer. We had had another half pint of rum previous to Farnham giving money to Scarr. After this we had a half pint of gin and I paid Scarr a dump for it....Thomas Scarr was fined twenty five pounds sterling together with costs of prosecution

43838 Farnham Thomas - 1827 May Wallis Plains R v. Lowe. SC
Luke Addy testified in Court that he considered Farnham as an idle bad character whose oath was not to be depended on

43839 Farnham Thomas - 1827 May Wallis Plains R v. Lowe . SC
William Turvey testified in Court that he believed Farnham to be a notoriously bad character

176576 Farnham Thomas Hayston 1816 1824 Newcastle gaol Newcastle (Hunter River) Population Book, 1824 - Ancestry
Born c. 1782. Free by Servitude. Employed by John Gaggin

176578 Farnham Thomas Hayston 1816 1816 Sydney Convict Indent. State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Item: [4/4003A]; Microfiche: 627
Thomas Farnham tried in Bombay 25 July 1815 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Native place Middlesex. Occupation labourer. Age 33