Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
18140 Ahern (Executed) John - 1845 2 August - MM
To be executed for the murder of niece Mary Ann Clarke

65271 Bagley (Executed) George - 1835 4 September Newcastle Australian
To be executed on 9th September at Newcastle

63877 Bowen (Executed) William - 21 March 1829 Wallis Plains Sydney Gazette
Peter Riley and William Bowen indicted for stealing in the dwelling house of Ellis Hall at Wallis Plains and putting a person there in bodily fear on 19th November 1828. Witnesses William Birnham (Burnham), Francis Collins, William Roberts, Lieut. Robertson of the Mounted Police

166906 Bowen (Executed) William Prince of Orange 1821...... - Sydney Gaol Description and Entrance Books, Sydney gaol
William Bowen per 'Prince of Orange' found guilty of felony and sentenced to death. Executed

16083 Bradley (Executed) Michael - 1841 8 April Maitland SH
Sentenced to death for murder

46709 Bryan (Executed) Patrick - 1848 25 October Newcastle MM
Executed at Newcastle gaol

76638 Burrell (Executed) Benjamin Norfolk 1825 buried April 1830 Hunter River CDR
Executed for burglary aged 30

64577 Burrell (Executed) John - 1830 6 May - SG
Sentence of death passed on Burrell for robbery in the dwelling house of Samuel Adair on 22 November 1829

76637 Burrell (Executed) John Norfolk 1825 buried April 1830 Hunter River CDR
Executed for burglary aged 30

5687 Cassidy (Executed) Patrick - 1835 3 August Maitland R v Cassidy & Bagley
Found guilty and sentenced to death. Executed on 4.9.1835

65272 Charley (Indigenous) (Executed) - - 4 September 1835 Dungog The Australian
Aboriginal forwarded by steam packet. To be executed at Dungog

61585 Coffee (Cuffe) (Executed) Patrick - 1838 27 February - The Australian
Sentence of death passed for stealing in a dwelling house and putting the inmate in fear

86093 Cohillane (Mickey Bad English) (Executed) Michael - 1851 4 October Maitland MM
Executed at Maitland gaol in front of 300 - 400 people.Attended by Rev. Dean Lynch

65087 Coleman (Executed) Joseph Marquis of Huntley 1830 1833 21 March Patterson's Plains SH
Executed at Patterson's Plains for the attempted murder of his master Mr. Cory

115412 Ducey (Executed) Patrick - 1817 8 November Sydney SG
Thomas McGiff, Bartholomew Roach, Patrick Ducey and Thomas Brown executed pursuant to their sentence at the late Criminal Sessions

77767 Engling (Ingley) (Ingleby) (Executed) James Baring 1815 1820 24 June - SG
With William Taylor, Edward Cotton & Thomas Acton Remanded for sentence after being found guilty of robbing the stores of R. Brooks of Sydney. Executed

61164 Fitzpatrick (Executed) Cornelius - 1824 1 July Newcastle SG
Execution of Fitzpatrick for the murder of John Bentley

18881 Fitzpatrick (Executed) James - 1845 18 October Newcastle MM
Hanged on 17.10.45 at Newcastle gaol

7532 Forrester (Executed) Thomas (Long Tom) - 1843 29 April Newcastle MM
Went to place of execution accompanied by Mr. Innes of Maitland and Mr. Lightbody of Newcastle, two Weslyan ministers

118647 Gardiner (Executed) Daniel Thomas - 1854 5 April Maitland MM
Executed at Maitland Gaol for the murder of his wife Catherine. Executed attended by 200 people; a large number of whom were women and children

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