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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
39686 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 1811 12 July Newcastle CSI
Prisoner at Newcastle. Absconded

39687 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 1812 June/August Newcastle CSI
On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle

39688 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 1813 2 October Newcastle CSI
Runaway from Newcastle; returned after being stripped and beaten by natives

39689 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 1813 18 December Newcastle CSI
Escaped from Coal River. Captured

61322 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 1813 29 May Parramatta SG
Sentenced to 2mths solitary confinement at Parramatta and then 2yrs hard labour for stealing woolen cloth

77393 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 1814 - Vaux
Sent to VDL where he escaped and became a bushranger

166651 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 13th May 1812 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly return of Corporal Punishments
Punished with 24 lashes for neglect of government work

166653 Edwards Edward Indian 1810 16 June 1812 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly return of Corporal Punishments
Punished with 75 lashes for running from the lime burners and stealing a good boat

168621 Edwards Edwards Indian 1810 24 October 1809 England Times [London, England] 24 Oct. 1809: 3. The Times Digital Archive. Web. 10 Mar. 2013.
Police - Mansion House. Before Alderman Newnham - Edward Edwards a lad about 18 years old, was brought up for examination, charged with privately stealing in the shop of Mr. Wilson a jeweller in Houndsitch, a gold broach set with pearls, a gold ring set in like manner, and some other articles of jewellery. Mr. Wilson stated, that the Prisoner came to his shop on Friday evening last, and desired to see some fancy articles. He selected a number, to the value of 14pounds, but contrived to steal several articles, which were immediately missed; and the Prosecutor, on searching the Prisoners, found the articles ,but not one penny of money about him; he immediately sent for a constable, and gave him in charge; and it was alleged by some person, that the constable, by direction of the Prosecutor had carried the Prisoner on board the tender. The Prosecutor expressed a wish not to prosecute the unfortunate youth, in mere tenderness to the feelings of his father, who was an honest industrious man; and he rather wished him to be sent to serve his country; but denied having given any directions to send him to the tender. The constable denied that he had taken him there. Alderman Newnham deprecated the idea of sending such a person to disgrace his Majesty's service, as the only service for which such persons were adapted was Botany Bay. He observed, that the Prisoner was tried at the last Old Bailey Session for a similar offence,; and as he seemed now quite incorrigible no course remained but to send him again for trial; and, in case of convictions he would be sent out of the country.