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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
47806 Ebsworth J Frederick 1827 1828 Port Stephens 1828 Census
Aged 24. Superintendent employed by Australian Agricultural company

57993 Ebsworth J. Edward - 1849 8 September Port Stephens MM
Commissioner for A.A. Company. Cautioning public against employing absconders John Lafferty and George Hutton

79439 Ebsworth J. Edward - 1850 19 October East Maitland MM
J. Edward Ebsworth advertising for the company the sale of 12 handsom Welsh breed ponies

79882 Ebsworth J. Edward - 1850 13 November East Maitland MM
Selling 12 ponies prior to departing from the colony

80495 Ebsworth J. Edward - 1833 27 August - SG
Signed petition to Gov. Bourke re the power of Magistrates in dealing with the convict population

80596 Ebsworth J. Edward - 1850 7 December Port Stephens MM
Advertising to employ horsebreakers as the A.A. Company had upwards of 100 colts to be broken in for the Indian Market

83290 Ebsworth J. Edward - 1851 23 April Port Stephens MM
Public letter to J. Edward Ebsworth by residents on the A.A. Company Estate

11609 Ebsworth J.B. - 1844 11 May Stroud MM

25396 Ebsworth J.E - 1846 11 November Port Stephens MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

82015 Ebsworth J.E - 1851 19 February - MM
Resigned from A.A. Company after 25 years service. Captain Westmacott to be Superintendent of the Company

82698 Ebsworth J.E - 1851 29 March Stroud MM
Chairman at the annual meeting of the Port Stephens District Association of Newcastle Church Society.

127741 Ebsworth J.E - 1837 Port Stephens GRC
Michael Meara per 'Waterloo' assigned servant

43062 Ebsworth James - 1838 14 April Port Stephens SG
Appointed sole attorney and Commissioner of Australian Agricultural company

64923 Ebsworth James - 1832 23 March Port Stephens Australian
Appointed accountant to A.A. Co. in room of Edward Barton

86494 Ebsworth James - 1851 29 October Port Stephens MM
On list printed in the Gazette for New Commission of the Peace

27342 Ebsworth James E - 1828 Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
Appointed Commissioner of Australian Agricultural Company until a replacement found for Robert Dawson

27349 Ebsworth James E - 1832 Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
Assistant Commissioner of Australian Agricultural Company

27389 Ebsworth James E - 1830 27 April Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
Departed from the settlement at Port Stephens

27508 Ebsworth James Edward - 1831 25 August Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
Appointed accountant for Australian Agricultural Company

114852 Ebsworth James Edward - 1831 25 August - In the Service of the Company
Correspondence from Sir Edward Parry to Dr. Nisbet stating that the Directors had appointed James Edward Ebsworth in Dr. Nisbet's place and giving Nisbet two months notice. In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry, Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural company: volume 1, December 1829 - June 1832 Letter 469

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