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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
28074 Dwyer Anthony - 1823 - Historical Records of Newcastle
Free selector of land in Newcastle / Hunter Valley

30446 Dwyer Anthony - 1828 Paterson's Plains -
Owned property 'Macquarie Farm'

31961 Dwyer Anthony - - - -
Overseer of Limeburners for 6 years

71200 Dwyer Anthony - 1819 Oct - Dec Newcastle Convict Settlement
Overseer, limeburners

76164 Dwyer Anthony - 1824 Counties Northumberland and Durham CSI
George Ryan per 'Castle Forbes' assigned servant

78381 Dwyer Anthony - 1826 23 August Newcastle Australian
Patrick Campbell acquitted on a charge of receiving trousers stolen from Dwyer

93873 Dwyer Anthony - 1834 14 May Paterson River.Bounded on the nth by John Powells land on the south by Anthony Dwyer's land GG 1834
John Powell making claim for grant of land. 30 acres granted by Gov. Macquarie to John Reeves in 1821

119690 Dwyer Anthony - 1839 6 November Newcastle GG
Claim for Deed of Grant. 24 perches, allotment 13 at Newcastle. Promised by Sir Thomas Brisbane 13th December 1823 to Anthony Dwyer and advertised at his request for John Smith

126320 Dwyer Anthony - 1840 16 May Newcastle GG
Town Grant. Deeds dated 19th October 1831. 24 perches promised to Anthony Dwyer, granted to John Smith

147924 Dwyer Anthony - 1824 14 July County of Durham, Parish of Butterwick Index to map of the country bordering upon the River Hunter... by Henry Dangar (London : Joseph Cross, 1828). p14
Granted 60 acres of land. Annual Quit Rent £7/10/0

160702 Dwyer Anthony - 12 August 1822 Church of England, Newcastle Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825. University of Newcastle
No. 25. Marriage of Anthony Dwyer to Margaret Cuddy, both of Newcastle. Witnesses James and Maria Clohesy. Minister Rev. Middleton

165784 Dwyer Anthony - 29 June 1840 Paterson Registers of Coroners' Inquests and Magisterial Inquiries (Ancestry)
Died of natural causes

180838 Dwyer Anthony - 6 March 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Alexander McLean per Ocean, Thomas Butler per Indefatigable and William Tunnecliffe per Elizabeth all in government service charged with stealing wheat at the Kings wharf.....Anthony Dwyer a settler at Pattersons Plains stated....I came to Newcastle from my farm yesterday morning. I had a quantity f wheat in the boat with me; it rained heavily during the night and the wheat had got wet. On my arrival at the wharf, I had the boat secured and left her with the wheat whilst I went into the town on business. On my return three bags of wheat were missing. I reported the loss to the Chief constable. The wheat now before the court appears to be that which was stolen from my boat. Chief Constable Calvert gave evidence.....I was informed by Anthony Dwyer yesterday morning that he had lost three bags of wheat from alongside the Kings Wharf. I was making enquiry about it and had a suspicion. I went to Eckfords house and asked to be allowed to examine there which was only granted if I was accompanied by Dwyer, but could not find any wheat. I asked Mrs ? if she had seen any person pass her door in the course of the day. She said she had seen two or three men pass with full bags on their shoulders. She also added that she thought it not right as they looked back frequently as they went along. She said they carried the bags along the bottom of Mr. Elliotts garden to the back street and she recommended me to search the Pilot crew hut and Betsy Davis s house. After I had examined the hut Mr. Elliott came to me and asked what I was looking for. I told him. He replied that the Commandant had noticed some grains of wheat on the steps of the Carpenters shop in the lumber yard and advised me to go and search there. I searched Betsy Davis s house and also the carpenters shop in the yard but found nothing. On my return I met Mr. Smith who told me the information I had received from Dwyer was incorrect. That by Eckfords store, was meant, the store adjoining Mr. Elliotts house where the pilots stores were usually kept. I went to Mr. Elliott for the keys knowing they were usually deposited at his house. Mr. Elliott told me he had not got them, that the pilot must have them. I went to the pilot who told me the keys had been taken from his charge by Mr. Elliot two months ago. Thomas Lawson gave evidence...I am overseer of the Government Wind mills. I am a prisoner of the Crown but shall be absolutely free in about five weeks. On Saturday morning I was standing in front of Mr. Eckfords house about sixty yards from Mr. Elliotts front door. I saw two men with bags full of something pass Eckfords house and cross the gully and proceed towards the gate of Mr. Elliotts house which is in the main street. They reached the gate. Mr. Elliott was standing near his door in his shirt sleeves. He held up his hand and the men immediately turned back and went round by the bottom of his garden and turned up the back track. I saw them at Mr. Elliotts back gate in that street proceeded by Alexander McLean. Mr Elliott over their standing in his own way. I saw him give McLean something which I verily believe to be a key. He immediately went and opened the store adjoining Mr. Elliotts house. The two men followed him and they all three that is to say McLean, Butler and Tunnicliffe went in.....The voluntary declaration of Alexander McLean....I am one of the Pilots boats crew……Alexander McLean then gave a voluntary declaration of the whole robbery which was very detailed. His confession exonerated William Elliott completely. Alexander McLean was sentenced to 50 lashes and sent to Port Macquarie for the remainder of his sentence. Butler and Tunnicliffe were discharged for want of evidence.

17140 Dwyer Anthony Atlas 1802 (2) 1810 Newcastle CSI

17141 Dwyer Anthony Atlas 1802 (2) 1815 Newcastle CSI
Overseer of limeburners

30392 Dwyer Anthony Atlas 1802 (2) 1823 18 February Paterson Plains CSI
On return of land cleared and other improvements made by settlers

30393 Dwyer Anthony Atlas 1802 (2) 1824 6 November Newcastle CSI
On return of Newcastle town allotments

39659 Dwyer Anthony Atlas 1802 (2) 1820 20 September Newcastle CSI
Gave evidence at the inquest on limeburner Peter Steel

39660 Dwyer Anthony Atlas 1802 (2) 1820 23 December Newcastle CSI
Gave evidence at the inquest on woodcutter Thomas Jennings