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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
122428 Duff (?Duffy) Hugh Lady McNaughten 1835..... 1842 14 October Patrick Plains GG
Granted Ticket of Leave

64769 Duffey (Duffy) Hugh - 1831 18 January - SG
Executed along with Bowen, Finney and Mason. Addressed the crowd prior to his execution expiating for a crime committed in Cavan prior to his transportation for which another man was found guilty.

109538 Duffey (Duffy) Hugh Mangles 1828 1837 13 May Maitland SG
Granted Ticket of Leave

162485 Duffey (Duffy) Hugh Mangles 1828 - - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 669
Age 26. Labourer from Monaghan. Tried in Meath 9 August 1827 and sentenced to transportation for life for horse stealing. Assigned to Timothy Nowlan at Hunter River on arrival. Conditional Pardon dated 1 Feb. 1845

5675 Duffy Hugh - 1831 12 January Liverpool Plains R v Bowen, Westbury, Mason, Duffy, Browne, Donnell. SC
Indicted for stealing from the house of John Rotten. Sentenced to death.

12142 Duffy Hugh - 1844 13 July Black Creek MM
Pleaded guilty to stealing a watch belonging to John Wilson. To work in irons for 1 year.

13953 Duffy Hugh - 1831 11 January Liverpool Plains SG
Arrested by Sargeant Quigley for robbing John Rotton and Hugh Cameron. Guilty. Sentenced to death

13965 Duffy Hugh - 1831 11 January Liverpool Plains SG
An assigned servant of Henry Dangar. Absconded from service of Dangar prior to committing robberies

16157 Duffy Hugh - 1845 15 September Maitland SMH
Sentenced to 15 yrs transportation for breaking and entering

18366 Duffy Hugh - 1845 6 September Maitland MM
To be tried at Maitland Circuit Court for housebreaking

18494 Duffy Hugh - 1845 13 September - MM
Sentenced to 15yrs transportation for the burglary of W.C. Leslie

167611 Duffy Hugh Lady McNaughten 1835..... 1835 - State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12189; Title: Annotated printed indents Microfiche: 714
Age 29. Reads and writes. Painter and glazier. Tried in Antrim 11 April 1835 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing handkerchiefs. Dark carroty whiskers, large scar over left eyebrow, breast and arms hairy, scar inside left wrist.

173702 Duffy Hugh Lady McNaughten 1835...... 3 May 1844 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Gaol Entrance Book, Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757 (Ancestry)
Hugh Duffy admitted to Newcastle gaol from Singleton charged with having a stolen watch guard and key in his possession, the property of John Joseph Davis, knowing the same to have been stolen. Sent for trial

109230 Duffy Hugh Lady McNaughten 1835....... 1837 Newcastle GRC
Aged 34. Tried in Co. Antrim. Assigned to the Iron gang at Newcastle

47750 Duffy Hugh Mangles 1828 1828 Luskintyre 1828 Census
Aged 26. Shepherd assigned to Timothy Nowlan

163631 Duffy Hugh Mangles 1828 30 May 1842 East Maitland Application to Marry
Hugh Duffy aged 40 arrived per 'Mangles' application to marry Ellen Connelly aged 22, arrived free per Sir Charles Napier. Granted

39268 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1811 20 March Newcastle CSI
Sent to Newcastle

39269 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1811 26 October Newcastle CSI
Lieutenant Skottowe rejecting petition by Duffey

39270 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1818 - CSI
Convicted of murder

61181 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1811 16 February - SG
Sentencedto 2 years hard labour for receiving goods stolen from Thomas Abbott December last. Sent to Newcastle