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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
36112 Dowling Christopher Vincent - 1847 13 October Newcastle MM
Catholic Clergyman. Michael Perkins found guilty of stealing from Dowling

18464 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 13 September 1845 Newcastle MM
Present at a meeting at the Court House to propose that a Benevolent Asylum is necessary for Newcastle

30297 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 1839 Newcastle Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
Roman Catholic Clergyman

35996 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 6 October 1847 Newcastle MM
House robbed on Sunday morning. Reward offered for apprehension of thief

45664 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 2 December 1846 Newcastle MM
Present at a meeting to discuss the proposed renewal of transportation

46711 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 25 October 1848 Newcastle MM
Present at the execution of Patrick Bryan

56229 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 1850 Newcastle Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary (Blue Books)
Roman Catholic Priest

64924 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 20 April 1832 Sydney Australian
Attacked and robbed in Hyde Park by 3 men.

99830 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 27 September 1831 Sydney SG
So excessively agitated on ascending the ladder to the scaffold where Carberry, Anscomb and Pegg were to be executed that he came close to falling several times

147122 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 18 August 1842 Newcastle Australasian Chronicle
Marriage of Mr. James Cunningham, clerk of the colonial hospital at that place, to Mrs. M.A. Bruncker (Brunker), daughter of Mr. James McGreavy on 10 August 1842. Rev. Mr. Dowling

169136 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 2 August 1902 Newcastle Freemans Journal Sydney
James Coleman took up the first subscription to build the St. Marys Star of the Sea Church and had seen every stone to use his own words placed in that building. Prior to this Mass was celebrated in an old wooden shed which stood in the grounds now occupied by St. Marys boys school yard, and at times in Father Dowlings house on the sand hills, which was then termed the Gaol Hill.

174190 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 12 April 1911 - NMH
A Government order dated 20th September 1831, states that the Rev. Christopher Vincent Dowling is appointed Roman Catholic clergyman of the colony in the room of the Rev. Daniel Power, deceased.

174200 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 10 October 1832 Windsor Sydney Monitor
Rev. Dowling had done much for the Catholics at the Hawkesbury in a short time. Until he came they were scattered etc......

174201 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 1829 Sydney The Catholic Mission in Australia
In 1829, Mr. Therry was joined in his labours by the Rev. C.V. Dowling and in 1832 by the Rev. J. McEnroe

174202 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 7 october 1859 Newcastle Empire
Rev. C.V. Dowling on the list of State paid Clergymen in 1859. 150 pounds p.a.

174203 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 24 December 1873 Newcastle The Brisbane Courier
The Newcastle Pilot says - Another old resident of Newcastle has passed away. The Rev Father Dowling, Roman Catholic clergyman died at his residence near the old gaol on Sunday last, at the advanced age of 84 years. On Monday the flags of the shipping were hoisted half mast as a mark of respect to the memory of the dead and numerous business houses in the city were also partially closed

174205 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 14 August 1933 East Maitland NMH
St. Josephs Church, East Maitland, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Australia whose history dates back to 1830 was the scene of a farewell service, the last to be held in the old church. On November 30 1830 the late Mr. Frederick Crew of West Maitland arrived by road from West Maitland. As he drove down the hill at East Maitland, on his way from Newcastle, he saw on his right the unfinished walls of a church and on his left on Stockade Hill a gallows. The church was St. Josephs the foundation stone of which was laid by the pioneer priest Father Therry. The building was completed sufficiently in 1835 to permit of the first resident priest Father James Watkins entering on his work in the settlment. He was the first priest to celebrate Mass in the building. He was followed by Father Christopher Vincent Dowling in the following year. Two years Father Dowling proceeded to Newcastle of which he was the first resident priest

176111 Dowling Rev. Christopher Vincent - 22 February 1917 - The Catholic Press
Father Christopher Vincent Dowling. Little more than a year after the death of Father Power, Father Christopher Vincent Dowling, an Irish Dominican, arrived in Sydney, and once more the Catholics had an official chaplain. He was not a robust man, though he was but 30 years of age, and Cardinal Moran says he was a man of simple character, who became in some ways a tool of the opponents of Father Therry. It is some satisfaction to know that the older man was more than able to hold his own, and that in consequence of the dissensions the Governor was forced to apply for a priest with superior authority, and this led to the appointment of Dr. Ullathorne. Father Dowling remained at St. Marys for a year, till Father McEnroe arrived to gladden the heart of tho older warrior, and then he was transferred to Windsor, where he was said to be in a bad state of health, about the end of 18;i2. He spent three years, at Windsor, and was then sent to Maitland and north, whence ho. was again transferred to Newcastle in 18:58, when Fathers Mahoney and Lynch arrived. In the Coal City he served for ninny years, and used to say Mass in the upper loft of an old store until the church on the hill was built. At Maitland he had in 1S:!6 a church capable of holding -150 persons, and a school attended by 36 children. The districts for the priests were now becoming smaller. Singleton had its priest, and so had Maitland. Father Dowling, who was still in infirm health, used to attend us far as Port Stephens. In 1837 he had some trouble with the commandant at tho stockade at Harpers Hill, who refused to allow the prisoners to attend Mass on other days than Sunday. It was manifestly impossible for the chaplain to say his regular .Masses and to attend to the two hospitals, with barracks, tho gaol, and the large convict stockade, without dividing up his work. The good offices of Sir Richard Bourke were invoked by Dr. Polding, and the matter was adjusted. After two or three years he obtained an assistant, Father P. Maginnis. Afterwards of Yass, and thus he was enabled to continue his work until the beginning of the sixties

174204 Dowling (obit.,) Rev. Christopher Vincent - 3 January 1874 Newcastle Freemans Journal
Obituary {Extract} Rev. Dowling was born in the city of Dublin in the year 1789. He was educated at a College of the Dominican Fathers in Lisbon and afterwards joined their order. When he completed his studies there he returned to Dublin and was ordained priest by Dr. Murray in 1814, one year prior to the battle of Waterloo. He was appointed the sub prior of his order; but had to leave Ireland on account of failing health. he went to France, and had charge of a small parish near Bordeaux where he remained for several years. He was given a mission in the Isle of Wight for 9 or 10 months; after that he served in London for a time. He was appointed Roman Catholic Chaplain to New South Wales.