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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
35157 Doolan (Dooley) Luke Norfolk 1832 1836 3 May Newcastle SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

43832 Dooland (Dooley) Luke - 1835 15 December Newcastle BB
Assigned servant of A.W. Scott. Witness in court case of John Dunnivan

131182 Dooley Constable Looke (Luke) - 1837 3 May Newcastle GG
Looke Dooley appointed constable from 21st April in the room of William Anthony resigned

63474 Dooley Constable Luke - 1838 9 January Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Witness when publican John Rowell was found guilty of tippling in his public house

63550 Dooley Constable Luke - 1838 6 February Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Charged Peter Lundy with having property in his possession supposed to be stolen

137598 Dooley Constable Luke - 1838 27 August Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books Reel 2722
Arrested James Hans for drunkenness

137677 Dooley Constable Luke - 1838 2 October Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
John Saunderson per 'Lady Nugent' and William James per 'Exmouth' both assigned to the A.A. Co., charged with disorderly conduct by Constable Luke Dooley after they were seen behaving disrespectfully during a R.C. Sermon at the Stockade by imitating the Priest. Saunderson sentenced to 7 days solitary confinement. James admonished

54444 Dooley Constable Luke Norfolk 1832 1837 21 April Newcastle BB
T/ L Holder. Sworn in as constable

102260 Dooley Looke (Luke) - 1837 6 May Newcastle SG
Appointed constable in the room of William Anthony, resigned

54537 Dooley Luke - 1837 27 June Newcastle BB
Paid 2/6- for slaughtering a dog

55266 Dooley Luke - 1837 11 July Newcastle BB
Witness in court when George Kitson was charged with drunkenness

68938 Dooley Luke Norfolk 1832 1832 20 June Ash Island 1832 GG
Groom and servant assigned to A.W. Scott between Jan and March

137599 Dooley (?Doolan) Luke - 1838 12 November - SH
Notice - About to leave the colony in the Roslyn Castle. Requesting claims to be presented

68002 Dooley (Doolan) Constable Luke - 1838 28 November Newcastle GG
Resigned from position of constable. Replaced by Edward Bowring

98320 Dooley (Dooling) Luke Norfolk 1832 1837 Newcastle GRC
Aged 27. Tried in Galway. Ticket of leave holder