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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
105815 Devonald John - 13 December 1854 Newcastle MM
Signed address to the Postmaster General, Sydney thanking him for allowing Campbell Pegus to resign from his position as Postmaster in Newcastle

173837 Devonald John - 15 April 1902 Christ Church Burial Ground, Newcastle NMH
A stone marks the place of an old resident for many years a farmer in the district. The inscription reads - To the memory of John Devonald who died December 25 1856 aged 62. John Devonald was the first victim to the railway in the northern district. He was driving in from Waratah one day and had just reached the spot where the high level crossing now stands when the train came along. A woman and child in a buggy were trying to cross the line, and were in danger because the horse became frightened. Devonald went to their assistance, but saved them at the cost of his own life. He built and kept for years the old hotel now known as the Empire. His daughter who subsequently became Mrs. Laughton died a few weeks ago.

174339 Devonald John - 1855 Freehold. Address - near Cottage Bridge NMH
On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 11 October 1911

174992 Devonald John - 27 July 1887 Christ Church Burial Ground, Newcastle NMH
A striking and uncommon memorial stone, being a long slab resting upon four carved pillars, records that it is - Sacred to the memory of John Devonald, who died December 25th aged 44 years. - This stone is inscribed as follows - From kindred spirits I was riven, In manhoods hopeful day; But I will meet my friends in heaven, And pass no more away.

175366 Devonald John - 11 May 1854 Newcastle SR NSW Archive Reel: 1583; Series: 12992; Description: Registers of Memorials for Land 1825-1842
Land purchase - twenty eight acres three roods and twenty four perches of land at Platts Channel, allotment number 46.

175367 Devonald John - 29 December 1856 Newcastle Sydney Morning Herald
An inquest was held yesterday, before Mr. R. R. S. Bowker, M.D , coroner, touching the death of Mr. John Devonald, who had died on the previous day from injuries received on Tuesday last, on the tramway at Burwood, about two -miles from Newcastle. The enquiry excited much interest, in conséquence of the deceased, who had been an old resident here, having been well known and esteemed in this neighbourhood. The evidence showed that Mr. Devonald, who was proved to have been perfectly sober at the time of the occurrence, had called at Mr. Woods public-house, which adjoins the tramway, and had taken a bottle of ginger beer, when a Mrs. Parkinson, a dealer, was observed driving her cart, in which she was seated, towards the tramway, for the purpose of crossing it. At that moment a train of coal waggons, drawn by horses, was coming down the incline, which terminates about the place where the woman was intending to cross the line, and it being impossible to stop the train in time to prevent a collision, the driver, who had approached very near before the intention of the woman was observed, shouted to her to keep back from the line. This, aware of her danger, she appears to have been endeavouring to do, by trying to pull the horse to either side, but the animal refused to obey the reins, and continued to approach the tramway, on which he seems to have got his fore legs when the waggons came up. At that moment. Mr. Devonald, seeing the womans danger, rushed down a steep which leads from Woods house to the tramroad, and endea voured to grasp the reins of the womans horse, to draw it back, but failing in this, he was carried by the impetus of his descent on to the line and came into contact with the waggons, which bore him down, and by which he was fearfully crushed on the side of his leg and arm. A number of people came to his assistance, to whom he said he was a dead man, and wished to be taken to the hospital. He was immediately brought into town, and lingered until Thursday, when he died. Mrs. Parkinsons evidence shewed that she used long reins in driving the horse, which was a hired one, and which she found to be unmanageable when she wished to turn him from the line ; she had not looked along the line before approaching to cross it, and had therefore not seen the waggons until within a few yards of them ; she did not see Mr. Devonald run towards her, but had heard him and the waggon-driver shout to her, and had no recollection of what had subsequently occurred until she had been thrown out of her cart, which was upset by the collision, when she observed Mr. Devonald lying on the line after the waggons had passed ; she escaped uninjured, but one of the legs of her horse was cutoff ; she could have seen the waggons coming along the line for a considerable distance before she tried to cross it, had she looked. Alfred Ashmore, one of the drivers of the train gave evidence

175368 Devonald John - 10 January 1855 Newcastle SA NSW; Series: 14403; Item: [4/89]; Reel: 5066 . Certificates for Publicans Licences, 1830-1849, 1853-1860
Granted publicans license for the Railway Hotel at Newcastle. Sureties Alexander Brown, coal proprietor and William Greaves shopkeeper

175370 Devonald John - 25 July 1855 Newcastle MM
James Hyde and George Brightmore indicted for stealing 100 bushels of lime the property of Henry Rouse near Newcastle. Witnesses James Hannell, John Devonald and Michael Gleeson

175732 Devonald John - 31 December 1851 Sydney SG
John Devonald and wife passengers on the Sarah Abigail from San Francisco.

175731 Devonald John Susan 1836 7 February 1836 On board the Susan UK royal Navy Medical Journals - Ancestry - Excerpt from the journal of surgeon Thomas Galloway
Suffered from scorbutus - Age 20. Symptoms but slight....this is another exception to the rule. This lad having been employed as a washerman has been constantly on deck during the whole voyage. He is also of an active disposition. The symptoms fully disappeared before he was landed

175733 Devonald Sarah - 6 July 1857 Newcastle Empire
By special license on July 2nd at Newcastle, Mr. James Laughton, bachelor of Newcastle, son of William Laughton Esq., of Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland, to Mrs. Sarah Devonald, widow of Newcastle, innkeeper. Minister Rev. William Chaucer

84735 Doevnald (Devenald) (Devonald) John Susan 1836 1837 Merton GRC
Tried in Carmarthon. Assigned to J.B. Bettington. Aged 20

11117 Doevnald (Devonald) John Susan 1836 30 March 1844 Newcastle MM
Granted Ticket of Leave for the district of Newcastle

142920 Doevnald (Devonald) John Susan 1836 1836 - AO NSW Convict Indents Fiche No. 716
Age 20. Sailor, mason from Devonshire. Tried Carmarthen Assizes 5 March 1835 and sentenced to transportation for Life for highway robbery. Granted Conditional Pardon 1848

175369 Doevnald (Devonald) John Susan 1836 1847 Newcastle Application to marry.
John Devonald per Susan, application to marry Sarah Hill (came free)