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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
19702 Desmond Thomas - 1816 20 July Newcastle SG
Absconded from service

61439 Desmond Thomas - 1816 18 May - SG
Absconded from Newcastle settlement

77208 Desmond Thomas - 1804 28 November Newcastle HRA Series 1 vol. V, pp. 424 - 425
Absconded from Newcastle settlement for the 2nd time. Supposed to have gone to the Hawkesbury

77225 Desmond Thomas - 1805 21 April Newcastle SG
Absconded from Newcastle three times. Captured and to be returned

77246 Desmond Thomas - 1805 22 December Newcastle SG
Absconded from Newcastle settlement.

119989 Desmond Thomas - 1804 16 December - SG
Escaped from Kings Town (Newcastle) and picked up near Broken Bay. Ordered to work in the gaol gang until return to Newcastle. Fled from Newcastle once before and endured excessive hardship. Ordered to be returned to Newcastle and given lenient punishment because of his distressing travels.

119990 Desmond Thomas - 1806 5 January Sydney SG
Escaped from Sydney gaol. Reward offered for capture

119992 Desmond Thomas - 1812 1 February ? Sydney SG
Absconded from employment of L. May

119993 Desmond Thomas - 1813 23 January Hawkesbury SG
Hired servant of Thomas McKenna at the Hawkesbury. Absconded

119997 Desmond Thomas - 1816 21 September Newcastle SG
Absconded from Newcastle. Still at large

143236 Desmond Thomas - 1867 Fordwich Bailliere's Official Postal Directory p. 116

173962 Desmond Thomas - 12 May 1805 Newcastle SG
Yesterday sennight two characters of almost equal notoriety were shipped for Newcastle by the Resource, viz, Christopher Griffin alias Wooden Joe, as a petty receiver of stolen property, and encourager of petty larceny ; and Thomas Desmond whose unaccountable hardihood we have already had repeated occasion to notice for absconding from Kings Town and travelling in on foot through the bush

38722 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 3 November Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Lady Nelson'

38723 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 25 November Newcastle CSI
Leader of runaways from Lime burners at Newcatle on 21 November

77468 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 10 December Newcastle SG
Absconded from the limeburners gang with Francis Parcello, Walter Preston, John Cricks, Isaac Walker, and John Lee on 25th November

119995 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 31 December Newcastle SG
John Bricks and Thomas Desmond absented themselves from the Limeburning gang 25th November. Any person harbouring absentees prosecuted

119996 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1815 14 January Newcastle SG
Absented himself from the limeburning gang 25th November. Still at large