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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
57474 Dempsey Constable John - 1835 25 April Maitland SG
Dismissed from position of constable

107702 Dempsey John - 1835 28 February Maitland SG
Ticket of leave holder appointed constable in the room of Samuel Bailey who was appointed lock up keeper

127235 Dempsey John - 1868 2 March Noraville Central Coast NSW SMH
Servant of Edward John Hargrave. Assisted to dig a grave for an unknown man washed on shore at Bungaree Norah

181653 Dempsey John - 28 January 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
George Massey in the service of Captain Allman charged with an assault on Joseph Lowe with the intent to commit an unnatural crime. John Dempsey being duly sworn deposeth and saith....On Thursday night last between the hours of ten and eleven oclock I was in bed in the kitchen of the Police Office. I was awoke by a knock at the door. I opened it and let George Massey, my fellow servant in, he was accompanied by Mr. Close s servant whom he said was a well behaved man and to whom he meant to give part of his bed. He laid a mat and blanket on the kitchen table for the man and he himself lay down on a bench before the kitchen fire. In less than 3/4 of an hour I fell asleep. In the course of the night I was awoke on the noise of Massey falling on the floor. Massey said as he fell - Joe - you have killed me - the other replied - you scoundrel, you should be burnt - You thought I was drunk - You are very much mistaken if that was what you thought me here for - Massey replied - You have heard something about me which makes you say what you do - I will go and report you to the Commandant. - He went to the house for that purpose but the door being locked he could not obtain admittance. He then said he would give him in charge to the Sentry but the yard door being also locked he could not get out; I then ordered him into the kitchen. When he went in I shut the door on him. I then desired Mr. Close s servant to dress himself and I accompanied him to the watch house as a place of security. When I returned I went to bed; in the morning I asked Massey what he thought of his nights work. At first he did not seem to understand me but when I repeated to him what Mr. Closes servant had told me on the way to the watch house which was, that Massey had been attempting to effect an unnatural crime, Massey gave me a knife and desired me to put an end to his existence, and that if I would not do it he would do it himself. He said afterwards he would take to the bush but I detained him and took an early opportunity of reporting to the Commandant what I have now related. Joseph Lowe, in service to Edward Charles Close then gave evidence re the attempted assault and Thomas Strattles, assigned to government gave evidence of a previous attempt of assault by Massey. John Clarke, prisoner of the crown also gave evidence. George Massey denied the charge and says that the accusation if false and malicious but produced no witnesses. George Massey found guilty of the offence and sentenced to receive one hundred lashes and to be transported to Norfolk Island

46305 Dempsey John Castle Forbes 1824 1828 Rathluba, Wallis Plains 1828 Census
Aged 23. Assigned to Francis Allman

153662 Dempsey John Castle Forbes 1824 1827 24 August Newcastle Application to Marry
John Dempsey per 'Castle Forbes' aged 23, application to marry Catherine Hughes per 'Brothers'

153663 Dempsey John Castle Forbes 1824 1824 27 April - CSI
On lists of prisoners transported to Port Macquarie per "Sally"

38711 Dempsey John Chapman 1817 1819 11 May Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners sent to Newcastle per 'Elizabeth Henrietta'

46303 Dempsey John Mangles 1828 1828 Hinton 1828 Census
Age 19. Government servant, labourer. Assigned to William Cordeaux at Hinton