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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
24096 Dee Charles - 1846 23 September Morpeth MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

37188 Dee Charles - 1847 18 December Raymond Terrace MM
Occupying the 'Freemason's Arms Inn'

43423 Dee Charles - 1848 15 July Raymond Terrace MM
Licensed auctioneer

43726 Dee Charles - 1848 22 July Raymond Terrace MM
Campaigning for Colonel Snodgrass to be elected to the Legislative Council

53481 Dee Charles - 1849 18 April Raymond Terrace MM
Taking out auctioneer's licence

59683 Dee Charles - 1849 10 November Raymond Terrace MM
Charles Dee taking over the Steam Packett Inn recently built by James Holdstock

75570 Dee Charles - 1850 17 August Raymond Terrace MM
Requested Col. Snodgrass to call a public meeting to consider establishing a road from Raymond Terrace to Hinton and Seaham and a Ferry connected with that Road

81684 Dee Charles - - Raymond Terrace RT 150th Anniversary
Early Inn keeper in Raymond Terrace. Later moved to Bulahdela

84627 Dee Charles - 1851 26 July King Street, Raymond Terrace MM
Requesting that Charles Kemp be nominated to represent the North Eastern Boroughs in the Legislative Council

85531 Dee Charles - 1851 3 September Raymond Terrace MM
Requesting that Captain P.P. King allow himself to be nominated as representative in the Legislative Council for the counties of Gloucester and Macquarie

92805 Dee Charles - 1852 11 August Raymnd Terrace MM
Steam Packet Hotel in possession of Charles Dee advertised to be let

94985 Dee Charles - 1852 2 October - MM
Signed address to Edward Flood, representative of the NE Boroughs in the Legislative Council, showing support as he had sustained serious losses in the recent disastrous floods on the Murrumbidgee

96079 Dee Charles - 1852 10 November Raymond Terrace MM
Spirit Merchant 's license

99960 Dee Charles - 1853 14 May Raymond Terrace MM
Spirit Merchan'ts license

117589 Dee Charles - 1839 10 April Raymond Terrace GG 1839
Appointed Poundkeeper

122150 Dee Charles - 1842 9 August Raymond Terrace GG
Innkeeper. Insolvency proceedings

138844 Dee Charles - 1869 27 December Williams River SMH
Elector of the Williams River district supporting John Nowlan of 'Eelar' in the forthcoming election

140647 Dee Charles - 1854 22 April Golden Fleece Inn, Stroud MM
Granted Publican's License

142146 Dee Charles - 1862 18 September Port Stephens SMH
On List of subscribers who donated to relieve distress in the Manufacturing Districts

147312 Dee Charles - 1858 19 June Stroud MM
Marriage of Francis Lynch to Miss Mary Ann Dee, second daughter of Mr. Charles Dee of Stroud on 7th June 1858. Minister Rev. Samuel Simm, Chaplain to the A.A. Company

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