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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
138468 Davies (Davis) John Michael Florentia 1830 1830 December Port Jackson AO NSW Convict Indents Fiche No. 677
Age 40. Married with 7 children. Attorney, native of London. Tried at Maidstone 15 July 1830 and sentenced to 7 years transportation.

63807 Davis Michael John - 1840 12 December - Commercial Journal and Advertiser
Charged with aggravated assault by Edwin Adams after an altercation on the steamer Victoria

119337 Davis Michael John - 1839 7 August Raymond Terrace GG 1839
Deposit for land at Raymond Terrace forfeited by Davis

52821 Davis (Davies) Michael John Florentia 1830 - Newcastle An Organised Banditti, p36
Living in Newcastle with his wife Hannah and children. Journalist. Father of Edward ('The Jewboy') Davis

52822 Davis (Davies) Michael John Florentia 1830 1841 Newcastle An Organised Banditti, p37
Proprietor of retail store in Watt Street

52823 Davis (Davies) Michael John Florentia 1830 1840 October Lake Macquarie An Organised Banditti, p38
Applied to lease land at Reid's Mistake that had previously been withdrawn from Henry Denny

17664 Robinson (Davis) Michael Asia 1832 5 July Hunter River SG
Car man assigned to William Dunn