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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
131608 Darby George E - 1867 Newcastle NSW BDM Registration No. 6496/1867
Died at Newcastle

26221 Darby George Eld - 1847 6 January Newcastle MM
Newcastle Grammar School. Lately of Sandhurst Royal Military College

26672 Darby George Eld - 1847 6 February Newcastle MM
Attended dinner at the Victoria Hotel in honour of Sir Charles Fitzroy

34765 Darby George Eld - 1847 1 September Newcastle MM
To deliver lecture on the Geography of Australia at the Newcastle Mechanics Institute

58591 Darby George Eld - 1849 22 September Maitland MM

84602 Darby George Eld - 1851 26 July Newcastle MM
Requesting that Charles Kemp be nominated to represent the North Eastern Boroughs in the Legislative Council

88912 Darby George Eld - 1852 10 March Newcastle MM
Rented a house from James Reid which he used as a school until December 1851 when he took up the position of surveyor for the A.A. Company

99861 Darby George Eld - 1853 7 May Booral MM
A.A. Company surveyor.

131605 Darby George Eld - 1851 20 September - SMH
Correspondence from George Eld Darby regarding a Report by the SMH on the recent Court case between Darby and James Reid

131607 Darby George Eld - 1852 10 March Maitland Circuit Court, Civil Side, 6th March 1852 MM
Darby v. Reid. This was an action for slander. Declaration stated 'the defendant maliciously uttered slanderous words respecting the plaintiff.

131618 Darby George Eld - 1850 18 January Newcastle SMH
Advertisement. Education for Youth intended for the Army. A Retired Officer, formerly a Student at Sandhurst and competent to prpare youth for the examination instituted by order of the Commander-in-Chief, as indispensable to the appointment of a Candidate to a Commission, will be happy to receive pupils.

131604 Darby George Elde - 1811 14 March England A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines
Appointed Captain 14 March 1811. 59th (or the 2d Nottinghamshire) Regt. of Foot

19787 Darby George Esq - 1845 13 December Scone MM
Unclaimed letter held in the Sydney Post Office

131606 Darby Lieutenant (George E) Abberton 1839 1839 22 August Port Jackson SG
Lieutenant Darby, wife and three children, passengers on the Abberton from London. Departed 20th April

171438 Darby Lieutenant George Elder - 11 May 1839 - SG
17th Foot - Lieut. George Elder Darby from the 45th regiment of foot to be Lieutenant vice Stawell who exchanges

129847 Darby Major George Elde & Emily - 1845 14 April Stroud SMH
Death of Emily, widow of the late Major George Elde Darby and daughter of Capt. Langford RN of Southampton, Hants. Died at the residence of her son William Darby on 9th April age 66 after a long and painful illness