Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
148140 Dale Henry - 1825 19 September County of Roxburgh, Parish of Roxburgh Index to map of the country bordering upon the River Hunter... by Henry Dangar (London : Joseph Cross, 1828). p23
Granted 500 acres of land. Annual quit rent 3 /15s

37642 Dale Henry Somersetshire 1814 1815 8 July Newcastle CSI
To be strictly watched at Newcastle as he was notorious for forgeries

37643 Dale Henry Somersetshire 1814 1815 8 July Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Lady Nelson'

162873 Dale Henry Somersetshire 1814 14 July 1813 London The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
Age 31. Sentenced to 14 years transportation for feloniously without lawful excuse, had in his custody and possession, two forged bank notes, knowing them to be forged

169034 Dale Henry Somersetshire 1814 3 January 1814 Woolwich UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849 Home Office: Convict Prison Hulks: Registers and Letter Books; Class: HO9; Piece: 4.
Tried at Middlesex 14th July 1813 and sentenced to transportation for 14 years. Admitted to the Retribution hulk on 3 January 1814 and transferred to the convict ship Somersetshire for transportation to New South Wales on 5th March 1814. Age 31

37641 Dale Henry Somersetshire 1814 (?)...... 1819 19 May Newcastle New South Wales, Australia, Colonial Secretary's Papers, 1788-1825 Series:NRS 897) Main series of letters received, 1788-1825 Item: 4/1807 Page: 30 (Ancestry)
Extract of correspondence by J. T. Morisset, Commandant at Newcastle in 1819 to J.T. Campbell.....Henry Dale died yesterday morning, he had held the situation of Gaoler and was a trusty well behaved man and I fear I shall find it difficult to replace him.

27166 Dale Henry Frederick - 1837 Paterson GRC
William Biddlecombe assigned servant

148138 Dale Henry Frederick - 1825 9 September - CSI
Came Free. Superintendent to J.T. Campbell at Bringelly. On list of persons who have received orders for grants of land

148139 Dale Henry Frederick - 1834 9 August Bathurst SG
Superintendent of sheep of Messrs George and Henry Cox at Bathurst. Witness in court

172283 Daley Henry - 28 December 1846 Brisbane Water Register of Coroners inquests and magisterial inquiries, Gosford Library
Accidentally drowned - intoxicated.

163334 Daley Henry General Stewart 1818 1823/24/25 near Newcastle General Muster of New South Wales 1823, 1824, 1825
Free by servitude. Employed as a Labourer at Newcastle

164260 Daly (Daley) Dalley) Henry Mariner 1827 12 August 1846 East Gosford Application to Marry
Henry Daly (Dalley) aged 41 arrived per 'Mariner', application to marry Jane Langridge aged 38, arrived per 'Mary'

18937 Littledale Henry - 1845 1 November Morpeth MM
Inmate at W. Witton's Inn. Witness in Court case.