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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
5580 Cushion (Cussan) Robert - November 1833 Maitland R v Hitchcock - SC
Constable at Maitland

182414 Cussan Robert - 22 February 1827 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
William Holdsworth, cook at the General Hospital charged with purloining sugar from the general hospital. John Davenport states - I am night watch man at the general hospital. About a fortnight ago I was informed that the prisoner was in the habit of purloining sugar from the hospital, in consequence of which I watched him. Last Thursday night I saw him take away about two pounds and a half. I reported it to the overseer. Robert Cussan, states - I am overseer at the general hospital. A few days since the last witness informed me he suspected that the prisoner was in the habit of purloining the sugar entrusted to his care. I had a watch upon him. This morning the watch man informed me if I would examine the shelf in the kitchen, I should find sugar there. I did so and found the two parcels of sugar now before the Court. The prisoner is the hospital cook. The sugar for breakfast had not been delivered to him at the time. The prisoner receives sugar for the patients twice a day. I have been told by the watchman that the prisoner had taken away sugar twice during this week. The prisoner in his defence states that he got the sugar found on the shelf from Barbara Beckett but on a comparison of it with some produced from her house it appeared of a different quality. William Holdsworth sentenced to 50 lashes

163008 Cussan (Cushion) Robert Mangles 1822 1822 - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 648
Aged 32. Apothecary. Tried in Co Limerick and sentenced to transportation for life

69386 Cussen (Cussan) Constable Robert - 1832 10 October Maitland 1832 GG
T/L holder. Appointed constable from 8th instant. Replacing James Moran

29891 Cussen (Cussan) Robert - 1834 18 November Maitland SG
Constable at Maitland. Witness in trial of Robert Earl

64989 Cussian (Cussan) Robert Mangles 1822 1832 8 October Maitland SH
Obtained ticket of leave

69364 Cussian (Cussen) (Cussan) (Cushion) Robert Mangles 1822 1832 3 October Maitland 1832 GG
Granted Ticket of Leave

64229 Cussin (Cussan) Constable Robert Mangles 1822 1827 27 July Newcastle SG
Appointed ordinary constable in room of Francis McNamara, deceased

32578 Cusson (Cussan) Robert - 1836 9 January Paterson SG
Replaced as Constable by John Daly

14871 Cusson (Cussan) Robert Mangles 1822 1831 23 April Newcastle SG
Obtained Ticket of leave

93630 Cusson (Cussan) Robert Mangles 1822 1834 9 April - GG 1834
Ticket of leave cancelled for drunkennes while on duty as a constable

64898 Cusson (Cussan) (Cushion) Constable Robert - 1832 17 January Maitland SG
Replaced as constable by John Moran. Appointed to another position

47075 Cuthin ? (Cussan) Constable Robert - 1831 13 September Patterson Plains SG
T/L holder. Appointed constable in place of James Thompson