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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
5985 Croft James - 1826 Newcastle Adams v. Dawson - SC
Gaol keeper at Newcastle

6242 Croft James - 1843 Newcastle Pictorial history of Newcastle
Campaigned to make Newcastle a free port

7275 Croft James - 1843 8 April - MM
Supporter for the election of Major Wentworth to the Legislative Council

10426 Croft James - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
Bolton Street, Newcastle 27

10532 Croft James - 1841 Mangrove Creek 1841 Census Index
Mangrove Creek Brisbane Water 45

26510 Croft James - 1847 16 January Newcastle MM
Present at public meeting to discuss arrangements for the reception of the Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy

37963 Croft James - 1848 22 January - MM
Involvency proceedings

46380 Croft James - 1848 11 October Newcastle MM
Thomas Thomas sentenced to work in irons 18mths for stealing 3 fowls and 2 hens belonging to Croft

125069 Croft James - 1837 26 December Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Hired servant Richard Eager per 'Andromeda' found guilty of abusive language and refusing to do his work as a hired servant of James Croft. Eager admonished by the Bench

125483 Croft James - 1832 Newcastle GBD
Born 1790. 5' 8 1/2

174046 Croft James - 4 January 1862 Waratah SMH
Mr. James Croft of Waratah, Hunter River district formerly an hotel keeper in Newcastle, committed suicide on Saturday by placing a gun between his knees with the muzzle in his mouth and pushing back the trigger with a piece of stick. Deceased was somewhat embarrassed and had taken to drink through which his intellect had suffered

174136 Croft James - 2 November 1910 Newcastle district NMH
The official estimate of the land under crops in the Newcastle district and the quantity of produce to be taken therefrom was made by the police in November 1838 at the request of the Colonial Secretary - James Croft - 20 acres wheat, 24 acres maize, four acres potatoes. Yield: 305 bushels wheat, 500 bushels maize, 16 tons potatoes

180018 Croft James - 2 August 1844 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
Letter No. 44/130 Correspondence by Major Crummer to the Attorney General re the legalities in the case of James Croft who had been convicted of assault having thrown a bucket of water over a boy and then refusing to pay the fine

180960 Croft James - 10 July 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
John Bradley in government servant charged with neglect of duty. James Croft, keeper of H.M. Gaol at Necastle states....Bradley is turnkey at the gaol. He frequently quits his post without my leave. When he is sent into the town on duty, I am often obliged to go after him to bring him back. On the night of the 8th instant, after stopping away all the afternoon without permission he returned drunk. John Bradley sentenced to hard labour in the gaol gang till further orders

180986 Croft James - 31 August 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
James Dingle in the service of government, charged with having a cask and bucket in his possession stolen from government. James Croft keeper of Newcastle Gaol being sworn stated I lost from a pool of water near the jail some caskets and buckets. I searched for them yesterday accompanied by the Chief Constable and found them at the house of James Dingle, the casket I lost last Friday the bucket some time since. James Calvert Chief Constable, being sworn states. I went with James Croft to search for some buckets and casks, which had been stolen. I found them at the resident of James Dingle. The prisoner stated in his defence that he bought the basks from a black native on Saturday morning last. Sentenced to hard labour 14 days and to be confined to a cell at night

181032 Croft James - 7 October 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
William Edwards per Asia and James Jackson per Prince Regent, in the service of government. Edward charged with theft and Jackson charged with receiving the goods stolen. Samuel Dell states.... I was absent from my house and left in charge of Edwards. On my return I found that my box had been forced and several articles of wearing apparel stolen. James Croft, keeper of His Majestys gaol at Newcastle states...William Edwards was committed to my custody on suspicion of having committed the robbery at Dells. I questioned Edwards about it - he told me two men had come into the house with blankets round them and had robbed the place. I told him his story was improbable. After some hesitation he told me he could find the articles stolen if the commandant would not flog him. I took him to the Commandant who promised not to flog him if he would produce all he has stolen from the box and I was directed to accompany Edward to the place where the stolen property was. He took me into the bush about six miles and on the way told me that James Jackson had the property. I demanded them of Jackson who was with the government cattle and returned with me towards Newcastle and when we were in the vicinity of the wind mills the stolen goods were produced. William Edwards was sentenced to Port Macquarie for the remainder of his sentence. James Jackson was sentenced to 23 lashes

181041 Croft James - 21 October 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Samuel Hart, in the service of government, charged with robbing a fellow prisoner...James Croft, keeper of Newcastle gaol states.....I was informed by Samuel Bryant (one of the gaol gang) that a pair of trousers had been stolen from him in consequence of which I was on the alert to discover the thief. Last night as I was looking through the bars of the window of the strong room where the greater part of the gaol gang are confined, I saw Hart altering a pair of trousers; I suspected they belonged to Bryant and on searching for them this morning I found the trousers in the possession of Harts companion; Hart admitted that he had stolen the trousers and given them to his companion to take care of who did not know that they were stolen. Samuel Hart sentenced to 50 lashes

181393 Croft James - 25 July 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
A private communication having been made to the Commandant that various irregularities had lately taken place in the management of the interior of the gaol and that it was in the form of John Large, assistant turnkey and John Beattie and Elias Connell, runaways from Port Macquarie to prove the same, the Commandant deemed it expedient to institute the following enquiry.....John Large called and examined - never saw any persons except the gaoler and his wife have access to any female confines in the gaol; never saw any improper conduct on the part of females confined in the gaol; does not know that any prisoner has been allowed access to any of the. Never saw or knew if any spirits being introduced into the gaol for the use of the prisoners; did not know of any improper use of prisoners rations; believes them to be fairly dealt with; is aware that upon some occasions the salt pork after being boiled did not weigh full weight but considers the deficiency to arise from being old salted meat which is liable to shrink. Knows of the gaoler keeping pigs and feeding them occasionally with maize meal but he has good reason to believe the maize came from the settlers. Never saw or heard of the gaoler selling tea or sugar; never authorised any person to desire that he (Large) might be brought forward to give evidence against the gaoler. Elias Connell called and examined....has no complaint to make against the gaoler; has always received his full allowance since his confinement in gaol; thinks the ration he has received since the gaolers return from Sydney to be rather better than that issued during the time Nicholas Healy was acting during the gaolers absence; has no complaint to make against the gaoler; never authorised anyone to call him forward as a witness.. Witness further states the Nicholas Healy, the late acting gaoler told him if he would come forward to make a complaint he would endeavour to procure him the situation of constable. John Beattie called and examined. States that his allowance of salt pork upon one occasion was short of weight for ounces out of ten. It was old meat. Does not know of the gaoler making away with or selling the prisoners rations. Was told by Owen Kelly that he had purchased sugar from the gaoler; does not know it was government sugar. Witnesses sugar never was short of weight; it never was stopped. Has been in the gaol gang since December last; never saw or heard of any irregularity in the gaol on the part of the gaoler or his wife. Does not know anything respecting the conduct of females confined in gaol; has not any complaint to make in any respect. Nicholas Healy late acting gaoler, states that John Large and Elias Connell desired him to make the communication to the commandant which led to the present enquiry; never held out any promises to Connell of any kind whatever; has no reason to think from personal observation whilst acting as gaoler that any irregularities were practiced or suffered by James Croft (the gaoler) or his wife. This complaint and information dismissed as frivolous, malicious and unfounded

181677 Croft James - 8 February 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Isaac Perrett in continuation from the 6th inst. John Thomas states sometime in the course of yesterday evening my pocket book was thrown in at the window of the house where I reside. I do not miss anything out of it. My money was all safe. James Croft keeper of H.M. Gaol states - Isaac Perrett has been in my custody since the evening of the day before yesterday. He had not any pocket book on his person when I received him at the gaol. .....There not being any proof against Isaac Perrott beyond the evidence of a drunken woman he is ordered to be discharged but under circumstances of suspicion

181937 Croft James - 21 June 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
James Edwards, turnkey at the gaol dismissed from his situation on the complaint of James Croft, gaoler, for absenting himself from duty from Monday afternoon until Tuesday morning last

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