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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
17352 Credland (Cridland) Charles - 1845 12 July Morpeth MM
Coal trimmer. Daughter injured when fell under a horse and dray

89426 Credland (Cridland) Charles - 21 April 1852 West Maitland MM
Charles Credland granted publican's license for the Settlers' Arms

89518 Credland (Cridland) Charles - 1852 21 April - MM
Application for publican's license in lieu of John Ryan

50854 Credlin (Credland?) (Cridland) Charles - 1849 24 January Phoenix Park MM
Barn burnt down

91414 Cridland Charles - 1852 21 July Collected at West Maitland MM
Gave subscription for the Relief of those left destitute by the Floods at Gundagai

94675 Cridland Charles - 1852 22 September - MM
To run the Victoria Omnibus with three horses between Morpeth and West Maitland

96170 Cridland Charles - 1852 17 November - MM
Charged Richard Caldwell with absenting himself from work. Case discharged when Caldwell agreed to go back to work

96338 Cridland Charles - 1852 27 November West Maitland MM
Employed John Smith as coach driver. From the Settlers Arms

96339 Cridland Charles - 1852 27 November West Maitland MM
Employed John Smith as coach driver

97011 Cridland Charles - 1853 22 January Morpeth MM
Coach driver. Coach upset on its side and Cridland thrown under the horses but uninjured

99207 Cridland Charles - 1853 20 April West Maitland MM
Granted publican's license for the Settlers' Arms

124587 Cridland Charles - 1854 7 March - SMH
Employed on the 'Rose' steamer. Correspondence re Steam Company wishing to reduce wages by 1 pound

124590 Cridland Charles - 1881 4 June St. Marys Church, West Maitland MM
Marriage of Charles, eldest son of Charles Cridland of West Maitland and Ann McLennan, eldest daughter of William Hall of Hall's Creek, West Maitland. Minister Rev. W.H.H. Yarrington

124599 Cridland Charles - 1882 25 February St. Thomas' Church, Willoughby MM
Marriage of Henry Thomas, eldest son of James Pritchard, Mayor of West Maitland and Sarah, eldest daughter of Charles Cridland of West Maitland on 21st February. Minister Rev. Stephen Childe

124604 Cridland Charles - 1854 17 May Settler's Arm, West Maitland MM
Application for publican's license for the Settler's Arms withdrawn, the repairs required by the Bench too costly.

124606 Cridland Charles - 1871 7 March Anvil Creek The Brisbane Courier
Superintendent of the Volunteer Fire Brigade. Article re fire at the Anvil Creek mine

124608 Cridland Charles - 1881 19 February Maitland MM
Miss Mary Ann Cridland, teacher at St. Marys Sunday School for many years. The teachers showed their appreciation on her resignation by presenting her with a writing desk filled with stationary. Charles Cridland accepted the present on behalf of his sister

124609 Cridland Charles - 1860 7 May Maitland SMH
Given a prize for the best colonial made plough at the Hunter River Agricultural Exhibition

124614 Cridland Charles - 1882 16 February Maitland MM
Father of Sarah. Made speech on the occasion of a presentation by St. Marys Sunday School to his daughter Sarah. Would always remember and cherish to day when the members of his family first entered St. Mary's Sunday School

166728 Cridland Charles Hebe 1820 5 June 1820 York Hulk UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books. Ancestry
Charles Cridland age 17 tried at Newgate on 12 April 1820 and sentenced to transportation for life for felony. Admitted to the York Hulk on 5th June 1820 and transferred to the convict ship Hebe on 12 July 1820

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