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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
37472 Craig William Harrison Guildford 1812 1812 22 September Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Papers. Series: (NRS 936) Copies of letters sent to Newcastle, 1810-1813 Item:4/3492 Page 159
Sent on the 'Estramina' to Newcastle settlement under sentence of 7 years. Others sent on this day on the 'Estramina' included John Jones, J.F. Moody, Angelo Popello (?Parcello) and William Farrell

37473 Craig William Harrison Guildford 1812 20 November 1812 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly return of Corporal Punishments
William Craig, James Cannon and Garret Armstrong sentenced to 25 lashes for absconding from the settlement on 20th November 1812

61195 Craig William Harrison Guildford 1812 1812 29 August - SG
Convicted of forgery. Sentenced to 50 lashes in public market place and hard labour at Newcastle for 7 yrs.

130641 Craig William Harrison Guildford 1812 1814 9 March - Colonial Secretary's Papers. Series: (NRS 937) Copies of letters sent within the Colony, 1814-1825 Item: 4/3493 Page: 82
Sentenced to serve the remainder of his time in Van Diemen's Land. Proceeding there on the vessel 'Active'. Originally 14 men were to be transported on the Active, however as apprehensions that they would make themselves troublesome on so small a vessel only seven were sent on this day.....John Jones, James Canon, Edward Edwards, Patrick Riley, Thomas Chester, Edward Hinds and William Harrison Craig

130642 Craig William Harrison Guildford 1812 1816 10 July VDL CSI
Asking Governor's permission to make two drawings of the settlements and to present them to him

130643 Craig William Harrison Guildford 1812 1817 25 October - The Hobart Town Gazette
William Harrison Craig proceeding to India via Port Jackson, requesting claims be presented

166626 Craig William Harrison Guildford 1812 19th September 1810 Kensington, London The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
Tea merchant charged with stealing, on 14th July, articles belonging to Hannah Ball from her lodging room. Prisoner's defence....... Gentlemen of the jury, It is my humble hope and trust, knowing that I am come before a jury of my countrymen, to offer these few observations; although they may appear foreign to the charge, yet they are inseperably connected with the groundwork of my conduct. Gentlemen, I am unfortunately deserted and persecuted, and the persons I mean to ailude to are the appointed guardians to my wife and family. In their views they are fulfilling the voice of a dying parent, in persecuting the children. My brother was sent on board a ship at the Nore. I am the husband of the eldest child. I have been insulted by them in the grossest manner, and by them treated with indignation; our quarterly salary was diminished; not having it in my power to have redress from the law, I threatened them with manual punishment. I was plunged into a prison fourteen weeks by their power. I began to think I was to be sent after my unfortunate brother, and the only thing left for me to do, they told me, was by signing a certain deed to our disadvantage. I refused to do it, and at the same time I got bail; I absconded, and was a prey to the greatest distress. This was my fatal epoch; I was unable to appear in public, I was friendless and deserted; my infant son and dying wife made me do acts of the greatest dishonour; nothing but the most imperious necessity prompted me to act as I have done. I have a letter from the honourable Mr. Wilbeiforce, Member of Parliament, I beg leave to forward it to your Lordship, that you may be satisfied. Found guilty of the offence and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Aged 20.

130644 Craig (alias Kenyon) William Harrison Guildford 1812 1813 30 October Newcastle SG
Absconded from Newcastle settlement and supposed to have obtained a false Certificate. Said to have a Certificate in the name of Turley

166628 Craig (alias Kenyon) William Harrison Guildford 1812 - Prison hulk Retribution UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books. Ancestry
Age 20. Tried at Middlesex 19 September 1810 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Received on board the Retribution hulk on 19th March 1811 and transferred to the Guildford on 14th August 1811

166625 Craig (alias Kenyon) (alias Farley) William Harrison Guildford 1812 4 September 1813 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers Series: (NRS 935) Copies of letters sent: local and overseas, 1809-1813 Item: 4/3491 Page: 540
Absconded from Newcastle Settlement, possibly with William Lansden. Both were believed to have false certificates, Craig's being in the name of Farley (or Turley)

166627 Craig (alias Kenyon) (alias Kennion) William Harrison - 29 August 1810 - The Bury and Norwich Post. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II
A genteel young man, of the name of William Harrison Craig, was on Friday re examined at Marlborough street office, on a charge of defrauding tradesmen of their goods, and robbing diverse lodgings of plate, linen etc., There were about 20 persons in the office, ready to exhibit charges against the prisoner, but two only were entered into. Mr. Ball, who resides at Kensington, let lodgings to the prisoner, and a woman whom he represented as his wife and a child. He slept there on the 22nd of July, but next morning he left the house, and it was found that the sheets, some silver tea spoons, and a pair of silver tongs, had been taken away. The prisoner said his name was Kennion, a merchant in Finsbury square. The other charge was Mr. Ryder, and was similar to the former - the prisoner having slept one night in the house, and decamped with the plate and light moveables in the morning. About a dozen tailors had furnished the prisoner with clothes; and he paid one of them, Mr. Forbes in Oxford Street, a draft signed Yarmough; but on presenting it at the bankers in the City, it was found worthless.

61328 Craig (Kenyon) William Harrison Guildford 1812 1813 4 September Newcastle SG
Absconded from Newcastle settlement