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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
105175 Bingle (Corlette) Frances Elizabeth - - Cliftonville, Newcastle 1820 to 1890 Family Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle, Record 9-12
Wife of John Bingle. For information about descendants see Records 9 -12

6086 Corlette - - 26 June 1837 Port Stephens Whitfield v. Caswell - Butterworths

87042 Corlette Arthur Henry - 1851 3 December At the residence of Mrs. Favene, McLeay Street, Woolloomooloo MM
Death of Arthur Henry, infant son of James Corlette of Stroud on 29th November

27520 Corlette Captain - 1831 15 November Carrington Early Days of Port Stephens
Captain of the 'Lambton'

40232 Corlette Captain - 1836 16 July Port Stephens SG
Committee member for petitioning the Governor regarding General Education

47027 Corlette Captain - 1831 30 August Port Stephens SG
'Lambton', Coastal trader

59181 Corlette Captain - 1849 17 October Port Stephens MM
To be on the look out for the ship carrying immigrants to Port Stephens so that they could be safely piloted into the harbour

78805 Corlette Captain - 1832 23 April Port Stephens SH
Captain of the 'Lambton'

114759 Corlette Captain - 1830 8 December Port Stephens In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry, Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural company: volume 1, December 1829 - June 1832 Letter no 276
Master of the cutter 'Lambton'

146156 Corlette Charlotte Emmeline Susannah - 1862 19 February Christ Church, Newcastle SMH
Marriage of Cranmer Kenrick and Charlotte Emmeline Susannah, second daughter of James Corlette of Newcastle on 26 January 1862

58883 Corlette Eugenia Kate - 1849 6 October Stroud, Port Stephens MM
Daughter of James Corlette aged 12mths. Died on 30 September 1849

123735 Corlette Frances Elizabeth - 1859 1 February St. Phillips Church, Sydney SMH
Marriage of John Rayden Bingle, only son of John Bingle of Newcastle, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Corlette of Newcastle on 29th January

125350 Corlette Frances Elizabeth - 1858 17 June Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle Marriages Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle 1858 - 1868 p12
Marriage of Francis Bell aged 37 and Jane Eliza Livingstone. Witnesses Alexander Livingstone, William Wright, Elizabeth Ann Boyce, Ellen Burrows, Frances Elizabeth Corlette

25499 Corlette J - 1846 11 November Port Stephens MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

91888 Corlette J - 1863 Newcastle Office Australian Almanac
Accountant and Wharf Agent. Australian Agricultural company

99766 Corlette J - 1853 7 May Morpeth MM
Appointed to the committee of the Newcastle Church Society at the annual meeting held at Morpeth

27370 Corlette James - 1832 Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
Commander of the cutter 'Lambton' for the Australian Agricultural Company

58884 Corlette James - 1849 6 October Stroud, Port Stephens MM
Daughter Eugenia Kate died aged 12mths

80499 Corlette James - 1833 27 August - SG
Signed petition to Gov. Bourke re the power of Magistrates in dealing with the convict population

82699 Corlette James - 1851 29 March Stroud MM
Present at the annual meeting of the Port Stephens District Association of the Newcastle Church Society

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