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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
27370 Corlette James - 1832 Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
Commander of the cutter 'Lambton' for the Australian Agricultural Company

58884 Corlette James - 1849 6 October Stroud, Port Stephens MM
Daughter Eugenia Kate died aged 12mths

80499 Corlette James - 1833 27 August - SG
Signed petition to Gov. Bourke re the power of Magistrates in dealing with the convict population

82699 Corlette James - 1851 29 March Stroud MM
Present at the annual meeting of the Port Stephens District Association of the Newcastle Church Society

84643 Corlette James - 1851 26 July Stroud MM
Appointed to assist in revising the electoral lists

84803 Corlette James - 1851 6 August - MM
Wife gave birth to a son on 26th July

85548 Corlette James - 1851 3 September Stroud MM
Requesting that Captain P.P. King allow himself to be nominated as representative in the Legislative Council for the counties of Gloucester and Macquarie

86474 Corlette James - 1851 29 October Port Stephens MM
On list printed in the Gazette for New Commission of the Peace

87041 Corlette James - 1851 3 December At the residence of Mrs. Favene, McLeay Street, Woolloomooloo MM
Death of Arthur Henry, infant son of James Corlette of Stroud on 29th November

92005 Corlette James - 1863 Newcastle Australian Almanac

95793 Corlette James - 1852 30 October Stroud MM
Present at Meeting held at Morpeth to consider the expediency of adopting a petition to the Queen praying her Majesty to send out a commission to inquire into the state of the Church of England with a view to framing and granting of a constitution

102252 Corlette James - 1833 Carrington Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
Witness at the marriage of James Taylor and Ann Kingston

123734 Corlette James - 1859 1 February St. Phillips Church, Sydney SMH
Marriage of John Rayden Bingle, only son of John Bingle of Newcastle, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Corlette of Newcastle on 29th January

65586 Corlette Mrs. James - 1838 1 March Port Stephens SH
Gave birth to a son on 21st February