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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
71761 Connolly Mary Edward 1829 1832 20 June Newcastle Application to marry - refused
Application to marry John Kitland refused

86675 Connolly Mary Edward 1829 1838 24 December Patrick Plains CDR
Remarks: Charles Forbes

93247 Connolly Mary Edward 1829 1831 14 March Newcastle NGE
Native of Roscommon; servant. On 14 March arrived at Newcastle gaol. Sentenced to 3yrs to a penal settlement for mutinous and outrageous conduct in the factory. Sent to private service in Maitland by order of G. Brooks on 6th Sept.,

107368 Connolly Mary Edward 1829 1831 1 October Newcastle NGE
Servant from Roscommon. Admitted to Newcastle gaol for bad conduct in the service of Mr. Nerney. Sentenced to 7 days in the cells

155162 Connolly Mary Edward 1829 1829 August - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 671
Age 20. General servant from Roscommon. Tried at Longford July 1827 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a cloak. 4ft 11 1/2 in, dark ruddy freckled pockpitted complexion, dark brown hair and eyes. Assigned to Thomas Walsh at Parramatta on arrival. Died in consequence of a fall from a dray while intoxicated December 1838.

101606 Connolly (Kitland) (Ketland) Mary Edward 1829 1832 9 July Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle p38
Marriage of John Kitland of Merton to Mary Connolly of Newcastle