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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
152081 Charleton (Charlton) Julia and William - 1855 23 February West Maitland Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Birth of Julia, daughter of William and Julia Charlton

20108 Charlton William - 1846 24 January Newcastle MM
Signed letter written to farewell Major Last who was leaving for New Zealand to fight in the Maori wars

26680 Charlton William - 1847 6 February Newcastle MM
Member of Oddfellows. Gave address to Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy on his visit to Newcastle

73225 Charlton William - 1850 20 March Newcastle MM
Secretary of School of Arts

74568 Charlton William - 1850 30 April Newcastle MM
Appointed to Committee of Newcastle and Stockton Benevolent Asylum

87711 Charlton William - 1852 24 January Newcastle MM
Special Meeting in the Society Rooms to determine if the society can be kept going any longer and if not what is to become of the books curiosities and furniture

105800 Charlton William - 1854 13 December Newcastle MM
Signed address to the Postmaster General, Sydney thanking him for allowing Campbell Pegus to resign from his position as Postmaster in Newcastle

106867 Charlton William - 1855 9 May Newcastle MM
Presented Rev. William Savigny with a testimonial of a silver salver and 40 sovereigns in gratitude for his ministerial labours and gratuitous devotion to service

132991 Charlton William - 1856 5 January - SMH
On List of Electors of the Counties of Northumberland and Hunter supporting Alexander Walker Scott as a candidate in the approaching general election

145192 Charlton William - 1850 12 May Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p. 26
Son of James and Ann Charlton. Baptism

147870 Charlton William - 1789 9 September - The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
John Wright and William Charlton sentenced to Death for feloniously assaulting William Javoux on the kings highway on 5th August 1788. Charlton called 9 witnesses who gave him a very good character, one of them being his mistress Ann Walker

147872 Charlton William - 1789 28 October Old Bailey The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
On list of prisoners who had been capitally convicted and received his majesty's pardon on condition of being transported for their natural lives

153398 Charlton William - 1871 27 June Newcomen St. Newcastle Australian Deaths and Burials. Family Search Historical Records
Tailor. Died 27 June 1871

153401 Charlton William - 1880 21 July Newcastle Australian Deaths and Burials. Family Search Historical Records
Died at Newcastle Hospital. Buried North Waratah

158766 Charlton William - 1852 8 July Whittingham Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
Marriage of William Charlton and Julia Rouse

174313 Charlton William - 1855 Dwelling house - Address near A.A. Co Staith NMH
On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 11 October 1911

147868 Charlton William 1790 1823 28 October County of Northumberland.. Portions of country from the SW corner of the Parish of Lemington to the junction of the Goulburn and Hunter Rivers Index to map of the country bordering upon the River Hunter... by Henry Dangar (London : Joseph Cross, 1828). p11
Granted 100 acres of land. Annual quit rent 2s

147869 Charlton William 1790 1823 28 November - CSI
Formerly of the Royal Veteran Company; to receive a grant of 100 acres of land in any part of the Colony already surveyed (Reel 6011; 4/3509 pp.484,486)

148248 Charlton William Neptune 1790 (came free) - - The Bicentenary Pioneer Register, Second Edition, Volume 111
Soldier of the NSW Corps. Born 1771 Mere Wiltshire. Spouse Mary Getty. Died October 1839 at Kelso. Issue 1) Harriet Getty (stepdaugher) b. 1801. 2)William b. 1802. 3)Rebecca b. 1804. 4) Ann b. c 1806. 5)Elizabeth b. 1807. 6)Mary b. 1809. 7)Archibald John b. 1812. 8)Joseph 9) George 10) Catherine

105967 Charlton William and Eliza - Baptism November 1846 Abode: Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. p.18
Overseer to the A.A. Co mines. Baptism of daughter Mary Anne

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