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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
118036 Carroll Constable Martin (?Moses) - 2 October 1838 (Burial date of Sarah Carroll) Glebe Burial Grounds Maitland Burial Records
Burial record of Sarah Carroll, wife of Constable Carroll (Moses or Martin?)

5324 Carroll Moses - - - RM
Concealed himself in Rainey's hut at Bloodworths & captured 6 natives who had robbed settlers

10524 Carroll Moses - 1841 Coorumbung 1841 Census Index
Coorumbung 98

54190 Carroll Moses - - Brisbane Water An Organised Banditti, p.186
Served as constable in district of Brisbane Water from 1834 to 1840

61682 Carroll Moses - - Brisbane Water Gosford and the Kendall Country. p21
Recommended for reward for risking his life in the apprehension of thre natives wanted for robbery

102880 Carroll Moses - 1837 26 October Brisbane Water SG
Mentioned in the testimony of Thomas A. Scott

164054 Carroll Moses - 9 March 1833 - Surgeon's Journal National Archives
Free passengers on the 'Surry' from Ireland in 1833 - Sarah Carroll, Mary Carroll aged 17; James Carroll aged 13; Peter Carroll aged 8.(?Possibly the first wife and family of Moses Carroll)

182469 Carroll Moses - 18 January 1835 Brisbane Water Gosford (Brisbane Water) Court of Petty Sessions 1826 - 1874 (Ancestry)
No. 35/2...Sir, I have the honor to state for the information of His Excellency the Governor that Constable Moses Carroll, Henry Anderson, George Mason and Adam Rainey were gathered at Duralong near Wyong for the purpose of apprehending some of the black natives concerned in the late robberies, who were continually lurking about the brushes near the hut and occasionally calling and asking for milk and on Friday the 2nd Inst. Six black natives entered the hut, five of whom were entered in the Gazette. Immediately after they entered the hut the door was closed and the four white men attempted to secure them, but the blacks being so resolute and seizing hold of their fire arms they were obliged in self-defence to fire at Jack Jones who is a very powerful man, and wounded him severely in the neck before any of them would surrender. During the scuffle three of them made their escape through a small hole that was cut in the slabs and those named in the margin (Jack Jones, Nimbo and Jago) were apprehended and conveyed safe to the lockup at this place and given over by Carroll and his party on the 4th inst. and made their escape the same day under the following circumstances. (Jack Jones has since been taken and forwarded to Sydney gaol). Constable William Smith who had charge of the lock up opened the door on the afternoon of the 4th inst. to give the blacks some water and immediately he had drawn the bolt they pushed the door suddenly open against him. Nimbo and Jago who were handcuffed together seized hold of the constable with their leisure hands while the third (Jack Jones) who was sitting on the floor and was so severely wounded in his neck by the party who took him, was considered as unable to move but as soon as one of the blacks spoke to him in his own language he struck the constable a blow which nearly stunned him, the other two then dragged him from the lockup tore off his jacket and kept fast hold of him shaking him and occasionally striking him with the handcuffs that were fastened to their hands and after about twenty minutes struggling with the blacks and as possibility of forcing them back to the lockup the constable with much difficulty disengaged himself during this time Jack Jones had made his escape and before Smith could reach his fire arms the other two made their escape also. The other Constable was at this time on board a vessel in charge of three other blacks for Sydney gaol. Constable Smith should in my opinion have used more precaution by handcuffing the three blacks together, knowing what a set he had to deal with ( as the leg irons were in use on the blacks on board the vessel) as they are very determined and require more caution to be looked after than the white prisoners. Constable Carroll and his party after risking their lives in apprehending the three blacks are entitled to the reward offered for their apprehension and I beg leave to be informed in what manner those are to be rewarded who apprehended the blacks thus escaped.

182481 Carroll Moses - 28 April 1835 Brisbane Water Gosford (Brisbane Water) Court of Petty Sessions, Letter Books, 1826 - 1874 (Ancestry)

182504 Carroll Moses - 14 September 1835 Brisbane Water/ Lake Macquarie Gosford (Brisbane Water) Court of Petty Sessions, Letter Books, 1826 - 1874 (Ancestry)
Correspondence from Magistrate Jonathan Warner to the Colonial Secretary...Sir, With reference to your letter No. 35/704 of the 24th ult. I have the honor to report for the information of HIs Excellency the Governor that I have made further inquiry respecting Mr. Boughton s assigned servants being in charge of his salt works at the entrance of Reids Mistake. Constable Moses Carroll was there, by my orders on the 10 inst. and found the prisoners named in the margin (William Shay per Eliza; Henry Tyer per Aurora; and John Huggins per City of Edinburgh) there in charge - the same three men were there on the 18th July last when the bushrangers arrived there. William Shay is the responsible person there. I appears that there has not been a free or ticket of leave overseer in charge of the place since Mr Boughtons free overseer was drowned which accident occurred some months back. Mr. Boughton who resides at Patterson River, visits the establishment about once a fortnight.

182531 Carroll Moses - 26 January 1836 Brisbane Water Gosford (Brisbane Water) Court of Petty Sessions, Letter Books, 1826 - 1874 (Ancestry)
Description of Moses Carroll....Native place County Wexford, Trade labourer. Born 1795. 5ft 6 1/2in, fresh complexion, dark brown hair, blue eyes. General Remarks....A large scar across the nose above his nostrils; a quantity of hair grows on the right should and down the right side of the back

32956 Carroll Moses Regalia 1826 1828 Lake Macquarie 1828 Census
Aged 34. Labourer assigned to Percy Simpson

39178 Carroll Moses Regalia 1826 1837 Brisbane Water GRC
Assigned to police

41712 Carroll Moses Regalia 1826 1836 24 December - SG
Granted Conditional pardon on 25 November 1835

132891 Carroll Moses Regalia 1826 1834 29 September Kowringbang (Cooranbong), Brisbane Water district SH
Appointed constable. To be stationed at Kowringbang

163388 Carroll Moses Regalia 1826 1839 Newcastle Application to Marry
Moses Carrol per 'Regalia' application to marry Margaret Hegarty per Diamond

167317 Carroll Moses Regalia 1826 1826 - Convict Indents (Ancestry)
Farmer's labourer from Wexford. Married with 3 children. Tried in Dublin 29th August 1825 and sentenced to transportation for life for highway robbery. Conduct on voyage out very good

164055 Carroll Moses and Sarah - 25 August 1831 Ireland National Archives of Ireland Document FS1831 1
List of wives and families of convicts in New South Wales who are recommended by the Governor of that colony to be provided with a free passage for the purpose of joining such convicts. Wife, Sarah Brown, residing at Brabazan Row adjoining Newmarket Liberty, Dublin.